French Vaccine Programme

Uninspired by the continuing pissing contest that has become the Disappointed in French vaccine progress thread, I just wondered if a new topic which concentrates on France important Covid-19 information might help re-focus the attention to important detail.
I’d appreciate it if there was no “willy waving” in this thread, just dissemination of valuable and vital information (perhaps from the French Govt) to help SF’ers get their heads round the regulations and requirements across France. Otherwise, regrettably, there is a very high risk that important information will be lost in the mêlée as people are discouraged from using SF as a valuable resource…


For once I agree with you Graham, I’m keen to get vaccinated as is my OH yet can find no accurate calendar for the various age groups so would be grateful for any info for us younger folk. :smile:

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Thanks for your support @tim17 I hope someone can provide some relevant info for you which will also help others similarly placed.

There’s a simulator here that you can put your details into.
Looks like mid April for us…could change of course

3 Likes Tells you when you can expect to get a vaccination.
lots of versions for different countries. google or use a vpn to choose which.

Depressed as ran it for the UK. It told me my group is already 75% vaccinated so reached expected target. Urged me to contact doc or dial 119? to arrange.

Ran it for France. My first dose js expected to be between May and July. My second jab by early August.

Now, if I can only work out some questions on my CPAM application which is taking forever and getting sticky… had to pay 87 euros for Covid testing for travel as no carte vitale. At this rate I’ll have to save up to pay my jabs as well as no hope my CV will be done by then :slight_smile:

Never for me seemingly :see_no_evil::joy:

Which queue to I join to throw my toys out of the pram?

Why in heaven’s name are you not eligible? Every resident is, even SDF, and no need even for a carte vitale just an address.

Edit, just cleaned my glasses! Not yet eligible…rather than not eligible…

Over 75’s and these people can get Pfizer and Moderna vaccines via Doctolib / where appointments exist:
Les personnes âgées résidant en EHPAD ou en USLD ( 0,6 million de personnes) ;
Les personnes âgées de 75 ans et plus ne résidant pas en EHPAD ou en USLD ( 5,8 millions)
Les professionnels et intervenants de santé ( 2,5 millions de personnes) ;
Les personnes vulnérables à très haut risque de formes graves telles que mentionnées par le conseil d’orientation de la stratégie vaccinale ( 0,8 million de personnes) ;
Les personnes âgées de 50 à 74 ans qui présentent des comorbidités ( 5,1 millions de personnes) :
Les pompiers ( 0,3 million de personnes) ;
Les aides à domicile au service de personnes handicapées ou âgées ( 0,4 million de personnes) ;
Les personnes handicapées vulnérables prises en charge dans les foyers d’accueil médicalisés et les maisons d’accueil spécialisées (< 0,1 million de personnes).

People over 55 with comorbidities can go to front of queue at GP or pharmacy for Astra-Zeneca vaccine. In some areas the take up is low for GPs will vaccinate anyone over 55.

People under 55 are for the moment a bit stuffed…

I assume I’m just so far down the list they haven’t scheduled it yet for people like me, more of a ‘we’ll get to you eventually, but we’re not sure when so we won’t give any more information’ rather than a ‘no’ as such.

Good link Chris.

Keep the receipts Karen. My wife hadn’t her CV when she got her first test last year (€260 :flushed:) but she’s bunging in the the receipt now in hope of a contribution.

I am 74, OH 73. Feeling frustrated that there seemed to be no progress, OH talked to our doctor and he added us to the list of his patients for AZ vaccine, on the understanding that we would get bumped if someone more deserving (older or with comorbidities) came along.
In fact the AZ vaccine list was cancelled yesterday, but we’re being vaccinated tomorrow with Moderna.
Can I suggest Tim, if you haven’t already, you speak to your MT.
Whilst the computer may say “no”, a human being can be more flexible, especially of doctors are finding that their French patients are still reluctant. Touch wood, it’s worked for us.

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Have done that Sue, we’re too young and healthy unfortunately (or fortunately).

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Be grateful while it lasts. :slight_smile:


Fully understand your views on topic drift, the problem then becomes that if two similar ones run there is confusion…much better if there was self discipline or the moderators policed them better…or the site had a "social thread section " for chit chat and lighthearted stuff and an “information section” that avoided the problems outlined in the originators thread and was policed firmly.
There are several threads with very similar content/comments about driving licences and also Brexit just to illustrate my point.
The answer is not to "just start another thread,…there is a risk that the site will sink into chaos and people will cease to use it or take it seriously.
Comment from the Moderators please.

Site owners, surely. Sorry unable to resist after being shot down last time.

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I think that this post has set out its raison’d’etre from the start.
Otherwise, what differentiates SF from other sites is its friendly nature, which some folk take advantage of.
The atmosphere is supposed to be that of conversations mixed with information, all with good manners, of course.

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If you want Cat or James to see something you need to tag them. They don’t read everything as that would be impossible and they only get involved with “issues” if tagged or a post is flagged. So they are not moderators they are owners and contributors. @cat
Izzy x

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I’d appreciate it if you would keep this thread for important detail as set out in the first post. Thank you.


Please see @IzzyM ’s comment.

We do not moderate and have no need /desire too. Anyone who is incapable of using this site as an adult and ‘police’ their own content is in the wrong place :slight_smile:


Also - any one who uses this particular thread for anything other than @graham ’s original intention will have their account suspended over the weekend as I have better things to do than referee . Thanks.