French Vaccine Programme

The Nice-matin article posted has a statement on timescales:

I google translated -

Thanks to the resumption of vaccinations with AstraZeneca “and the deliveries that are arriving, we will meet the objectives we have set ourselves”, he assured. "We want to have vaccinated, by mid-April, at least 10 million people, that is to say all of the vulnerable volunteers today eligible for vaccination: all over 75 years and, among people over 50 years, those who present a risk factor. "

The objective is also to have vaccinated “by mid-May at least 20 million people, or the entire volunteer population over 50” and "by mid-June, 30 million people, that is two thirds of the population over 18 volunteers ".

And just been on the link, shows over 50 from April 20 so could I expect to receive one between then and mid-May?

That would be a shot in the arm of sorts…

My understanding @KarenLot, based on the British Embassy Outreach meeting on Thursday is that you’ll have no problem getting a jab as everyone can regardless of who they are, without a CV. Also, once your application for CPAM has gone in, it should be just a few weeks before you get a temporary SS number and you can use that for all your refunds - doctors, specialist, everybody.
The Embassy also confirmed that you could wait months for the CV to arrive but you have full access to refundable healthcare with your temporary number. As is usual in France, you get an attestation with the details on which you wave in front of the relevant clinicians at the time.

I realise that I’m trying to answer 2 uncertainties (payment and CV) in one go but I hope that isn’t too confusing. If it is, do PM me and say so.

Am I too off-piste here Graham? :thinking:


France has just said that it will not use the AZ vaccine for the under 55’s, so where does that leave those between 50 and 55?

After continualiy searching, my local hospital will give me a jab tomorrow. Oddly, they didn’t ak for a name, age, or address. I suppose I will have to provide all that at the time.

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If you have a comorbidity you are eligible for Pfizer/Moderna. If you don’t then you have to wait.

Current situation on vaccination progress and programme for future tranches

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My OH and I are both 60+ and received our first AZ jab three weeks ago. We were initially very pleased until we concluded that we were either done so promptly because nobody else wanted the jab or because our doctor feels we have obviously a number of comorbidity conditions which make us more susceptible!

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The simulator someone link above is good.
The confusing part for me is that some departments are allowing the carers of the disabled to be vaccinated under the home help category, but it seems to be a postcode lottery!
We have recently moved department and haven’t managed to register with the new gp yet as he will only register us when we need an appointment to see him and we are in good health!
My husband is eligible for AZ as 50 and a bmi over 30
Our daughter is eligible for AZ or Pfizer as she has conditions which are on the list.
But I am not obviously eligible.
I would be grateful if someone could confirm I have this right?
I suspect there will shortly be more vaccines available in France and being able to have the jab at the pharmacies will help with rolling it out.
Is there a link to the pharmacies offering the service please?

If you’ve dome the simulator above that should tell you as musch as any of us can.

But actually getting a vaccine is a bit of a lottery as it is being interpeted differently in different places. A neighbour was refused by his GP who didn’t consider his comorbidities serious enough (stents and BMI of 30). Not having a GP isn’t going to help you as in theory for some categories you need a prescription to confirm your eligibility.

And just phone and ask your local pharmacies if they are doing it. In some places the Maries will have a list.

This is the liste of basic conditions apart from age/profession where you are eligible, and then a link to the list of other diseases that also mean you are eligible. For both you are supposed to have a prescription from your doctor. Again not always required by all centres, I didn’t have one but it was done at my local GPs.

atteints de cancers et de maladies hématologiques malignes en cours de traitement par chimiothérapie ;
atteints de maladies rénales chroniques sévères, dont les patients dialysés ;
transplantés d’organes solides ;
transplantés par allogreffe de cellules souches hématopoïétiques ;
atteints de poly-pathologies chroniques et présentant au moins deux insuffisances d’organes ;
atteints de certaines maladies rares et particulièrement à risque en cas d’infection (liste spécifique établie par le COS et les filières de santé maladies rares ) ;
atteints de trisomie 21.

Here’s the basic gov’t statement

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Looks like the range of people eligible for vaccination is expanding from Saturday according to news today. People over 70, regardless of medical condtions, are now in the frame (with others to follow shortly)

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Let’s hope that people actually turn up to be vaccinated.

The latest study published in the New England Journal of Medicine confirmed fears that neither the AstraZeneca viral vector vaccine nor the two messenger RNA vaccines in use (BioNTech and Moderna) offer much protection against the South African and Brazilian variants of Covid-19.

We’ve just had our first Moderna jab (shame! I thought I could relax.) Lucky you if you’ve had the Pfizer.

Isn’t the Pfizer jab the same as BionTech? I thought it’s full name was Pfizer-BioNTech…

(Edit…yes it’s actually the BioNTech, Fosun Pharma, Pfizer vaccine. Just call it Jim for short… But I think it still stops you dying from the SA variant)

Thanks Jane, sorry, didn’t read it properly. I just read Moderna and thought “bother”

Following the link Karen posted (new thread) I found a RDV middle of May :clap: The link goes to Doctolib, but missing the first question s of age etc The vaccine offered is PBT :thinking: I would feel uncomfortable taking the appointment because I believe my age group are starting to have their jabs 15th April? Any thoughts?

May is after April isn’t it? If Doctolib have changed the eligibility criteria for appointments in May then believe them.

Anyway, if they haven’t managed to get through all the old and vulnerable by mid May then we ill be in deep doo-doo. And someone has to have that does of vaccine so might as well be you.

Yes to all Jane, but none of the criteria apply to me at this moment and with all the back tracking recently… Anyway, appointments made :crossed_fingers: :clap:

I did this Lily. I was on my doctor’s waiting list. Our local vaccination centre had weeks of rdv and they sat there for days - never diminishing. I too saw the reports that 60-70 with no health problems would be vaccinated from mid April. In the end I booked the latest appointment available-5pm 30 April. As it happens my GP called last week and offered me the AZ jab . I was surprised- I’m 66 with no health issues. I figured she couldn’t get enough within the specified age range to take the AZ. I had my jab with her last week and cancelled my rdv on doctolib.

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Same here in Charente.
My wife and I tried for 2 months or so to get our flu jabs last year.
No joy - pharmacies ran out, and there were no waiting lists.