Vaccine Certificate and Tous Covid App

Hi All,

Is anyone else having a problem getting their certificate onto the Tous Covid App?

We have our certificate from the Dr and when we try to scan it in from the QR code it tells us there is a problem as it is in the wrong format. So we went on to the Amelie site, downloaded our certificate from there and we get the same error message. We are definitely scanning in the correct QR code.

There is no problem scanning in the QR codes if we go into somewhere that allows us to scan our presence.

Our scanned just fine using the TAC app, but only the 2D DOC appears in our Certificate Wallets.

Using Version 3.1.7 #625 of the app on iOS 14.6


I also had a problem. It seems there is a “quirk” in the system. I did not get a certificate from the Test Centre but downloaded it from and had to login through France Connect. I then saved the pdf and printed it. However, if you already have the Certificate with QR code from your Dr, you shouldn’t need to do that.

I found that scanning it through the TousAntiCovid App / My wallet produced the error you have posted - in the wrong format. I eventually managed to Add the Certificate by passing the phone camera (not through the App) over the QR code (on the right hand side of the certificate) and it came up with a website message and asks to Open it with AntiCovid. I did that and it asked if I wanted to add this Certificate to My Wallet. I clicked on “Add” and voila - there it was in my Wallet! (Although another strange thing - it seems to show it as the 2D-DOC which in all the help files it says not to use!) Still, all the correct information is shown, so I don’t worry about that!
Using Version 3.1.7 #260 on my Samsung A50 android phone.

We tried using Graham’s App on his phone with Version 3.1.8 #262 and it seemed to scan it in properly through the Add Certificate in My Wallet.

Thank you both for those answers. I shall be trying that when I get back home tonight. :+1:

I carry a paper copy in my leather wallet which I presume will pass muster to anyone who needs to see it?

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I’d do that but knowing me I would leave it somewhere five minutes before I need it.

Vanessa - That worked perfectly. Thanks very much.

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Just for additional info for others - I have updated my App and it is now Version 3.1.8 #262 and flashing the QR code from within the App / My Wallet works perfectly now.

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There was an Update available for my App this morning. It says that they have made the Scanning of QR Codes easier.
It is now Version 3.2.1 #282

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