Vacuum for pool

Does anybody have recomendations for a pool vacuum cleaner to pick up very fine debris from the bottom of my pool

Yes a good manual vacuum cleaning head, not too many brush bristles or pull a few out if there are. Attached to the skimmer with a vacuum plate. Skimmer sock in the skimmer basket and a scrunched up cotton towel in the skimmer basket.

OK Thankyou never used a vacuum plate have to look it up

It needs to fit your skimmer. I use the Iris plate from Certikin (spit) as they can be made to fit most by cutting/sanding to fit.

The outlet actually fits the other way up, thats just for packaging

Tea towel or bath towel?

For reason I won’t bore you with, to use a skimmer plate as suggested I have to trap the filter material between the main skimmer basket and a smaller lift-out type of basket.

I’ve just tried the above method using cloth cut from a heavy duty workshop vacuum bag and it appeared to trap a lot of the Saharan sand I was vacuuming up. The proof will be how much sand is in the pool tomorrow…

Your wifes best bath towels :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Have you taken out “murdered by spouse” insurance on me? :smile:

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