Van Gogh painted film

I’m really looking forward to seeing this film… it looks amazing…

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Just saw this; actually, on the plane trip over to France. It was great, fascinating in fact. I watched it twice, and not just because I had the time :slight_smile:

We saw it a while back. And the technique is interesting, so very unique experience. But we found the actual film itself and the story rather dull! Isn’t it interesting how people’s tastes vary? I guess it means I prefer fact than theory.

Did you see (and enjoy) The Impressionists way back in 2006 ? It was a mini-series on TV :heart_eyes:

Didn’t see that one, so thanks. I’ll try it out once the olympics have finished as that’s using up my daily TV spot for the minute. Did you follow the miniaturist? Hope it’s not as grisly.

Hi Jane… No, I haven’t… but we don’t have TV, just stock up on dvd’s for the winter months. I’ll keep an eye out for it for next winter…