Various tools for sale

A great friend of ours recently lost her husband and is left with quite a number of tools of various trades but mostly woodworking tools apparently (we personally don’t know much about tools). We offered to help her find a way to sell those tools and another friend of ours took some photographs last weekend. We have not seen the tools, but judging by the pictures they are in good shape and have been very well kept, even in their original packaging. We are attaching a document showing the tools.

We have done an extensive online search to have an idea of the prices.

What we are trying to achieve is to sell the tools, if possible, as a lot, or broken into several lots, for a fair price for both parties. We would like for the tools to be sold avoiding too much negotiation as the widow is still very much shaken after the death of her husband and just thinking about the tools her husband loved brings her more grief.

We are asking for your help and suggestions in getting those tools sold as soon as possible.

Thanks very much in advance.

Kate and John

Jim s Tools.pdf (388.2 KB)

Hi John, it might help a sale if the location of the tools was given.

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There is another forum CompleteFrance which has a woodworking section

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Thanks for your comment Timothy. The tools are located in the Gard, close to Bagard.


Thanks Sandy, I will join and post something there as well.


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