As a vegan, I’m Probably pretty much regarded as a social outcast in France, but that isn’t stopping me moving down to near Carcassonne permanently this Autumn! I’d love to hear from anyone else in the area who can guide me in the direction of suitable food outlets/eateries.

I’ll check out the places you suggest, Eva - thank you :slight_smile: I’m moving down permanently at the end of October, so I’ll keep you posted if I come across anywhere else. I really want to find somewhere nice that will offer me a bit more than salad, for a big birthday I’ve got coming up in early November.

Thank you for that, Carol. I experienced the “salad and/or chips” option a few times when I came over to house hunt! My other problem is identifying whether or not the wine is “veggie”…the French truly don’t understand that concept at all.

Hello Cyndy,

My OH is vegetarian and finds it hard eating out in France so being vegan must be even harder. Go to the tripadviser site and type in locations near to you. In Limoux there is La Goutine which is a veggie restaurant - read the reviews. It’s worth a visit. Also a new restaurant in Limoux called Ici & La; not a veggie restaurant but the menu can be adapted. Its run by a lady who says she’s vegetarian (who also eats fish so isn’t vegetarian!) Shes v helpful and speaks good English. again, it’s listed in trip adviser. The other place we love to eat is the Crescendo cafe in Intermarche supermarket just outside of Carcassonne. Go on the Mazamet road out of Carcassonne and its at the junction of the Mazamet road and Carcassonne northern ring road, situated on a retail park. The self service section is superb for quality and choice. You won’t be disappointed!
Let me know if you find anything else.

Hi Cyndy. Being a Vegan or a Vegetarian is certainly more of a challenge in France than in the UK, however, its much easier than it used to be. You can buy wonderful fruit and veg everywhere in the area...and I believe there is a Grand Frais in Carcassone, where you will get all manner of fairly exotic fruit and veg.

We noticed that even in the wilds of the Dordogne you can now buy Tofu and meat alternatives if that is your wish, again, not to the extent you can in the UK but you can search them out.

We found eating out far more difficult. My vegetarian brother in law was offered omelettes at every restaurant we visited. As a Vegan you could go for salad....and chips....Im not sure how much more you may be offered. We have a place south of Perpignan and certainly for my brother in law both in the Dordogne and in St Cyp we decided home catering was a much better option.