Vendredi treize…

Anyone superstitious ?

I never walk under a black cat.

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We had a repair scheduled for our tiny Fiat for today, but when they told us the date, we changed it to next week. We have already had quite enough bad luck with car problems lately! The Norauto staff found it most amusing. Perhaps the French don’t have that Friday the 13th superstition? (As to black cats, I’ve had and loved so many that I tend to see them as giving good luck, not bad). :sweat_smile:

If you want to hear the definitive version of ‘I Ain’t Superstitious" (based on the Howlin’ Wolf original) may I recommend this version by the sadly missed Jeff Beck:

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Vendredi Treize is good for gamblers in France. They put in an extra Lotto when the combination comes around. More for me to lose on!

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Funnily enough, standing in the supermarket queue this afternoon… folk behind were mumbling about Vendredi Treize…
I turned and smiled (as usual) mumbling the French equivalent of …
"certainly brought us all some luck today… no rain and no snow… "

and, of course, they all smiled and nodded in agreement…
hurrah… bad luck has been banished… :wink:

Yep, vendredi treize is lucky in France and a very big and busy day for me with the Super Loto and Euromillions this evening :crossed_fingers:

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Why does it always rain on Friday morning in Carmaux ?

Ha ha, local joke, it’s because it’s market day :person_facepalming: