Vene Vidi Vamoose

Last day, so here it is.

My swan-song, epitaph, leaving note. Adieu, adios, farewell. So long it's been good to know ya!

Yes the writing has been on the wall, for some time. I was only going to stay a while. Busy day tomorrow, down to the Garden of Eden to Witness. the naked return to the Ocean. Then off to Montpellier with the Family.

I have my final offerings all ready to go. But if you have found it interesting, and have the time, go back to everything I writ, you will see a common thread, from the common man.

It's all about the futility of money.....From Saint Nicholas, the gift giver, to My Lottery Win, the whole shooting match ONE THEME.

I 've had a few comments on route

"A little Knowledge is a dangerous thing." Shall we analyze that? or how about.

"NO, bone head! some kiddy going round Salford with a shooter's dangerous!

and my favorite:

"Just keep twitching those curtains, Dahling, but don't come in"

I felt quite sorry for this lady, who I assume has some sort of problem.

Hey sticks and stones!

No the overriding thing that has stuck on my throat like a Bish Phone....


I have been lambasted on and offline...Some People hate the concept.

They think you are after something... or it can't be wholesome causes it's free.

Surely it's better to Give than receive?

THE BEST things in life are free, Air, LOVE , Sex, Joy, laughter... A gift is from the heart. NOT a threat.

And for those in Digital cliquedom who think that a few trinkets from some other party, is going to crash their mini economy, need to wake up, an smell the new world.

Have you forgotten the story about a Man who took nothing and only gave, of himself... Stoned, Spat at, and eventually nailed up.

THE more someone takes issue with my generous nature, the more I shall give away.

Do not look a gift horse in the mouth.

Be gracious, say thank you. Or have you all forgotten?