Very good speech by Dr Alice Weidel to the Bundestag regarding Brexit

Marijkeh… you have not upset me… no problem… I am simply astounded at the turn this thread has taken…

Well, in that case, Peter… I will definitely not be one to fall for their charms… :upside_down_face::relaxed::relaxed:

I don’t mean to be “on your case” Stella, it’s just that one of my pet hates is how uncritical people are these days.

As for the fizzog, you can’t see it fully because of the circular cut-off that SF applies; originally I thought it fairly cute


but it does end up looking a bit angry when cropped and shrunk by discourse - however I kept it because, actually, I do feel a bit angry about the failure of our political system at present.

BP’s fine by the way.


I wonder how many folk actually think, assess, investigate… before they click on the other links provided on this forum…

I’m often posting links to what I hope will be interesting stuff for others… but if they have to go through all the rigmarole that you suggest, beforehand… gracious… I doubt they’d ever bother to open any of them… and I’m wasting my time…

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Many Germans were astounded by the rise to power of a virtually unknown Austrian Chaplin-look-alike and founder of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party to the Chancellorship, by which time it was too late to save the Jews.

And he was a spell-binding orator about whom Fritz and Ursula could agree that he made some very sound points, in a clear and understandable way…


Well, Peter… I’ve not found anybody “spell-binding” except OH… so I think I am quite safe… :heart:


I’ve no doubt about your circulatory health, Paul, just teasing 'cos intrigued. :grinning: The (notionally) ear-to-ear impish grin reassures. All is cool!

If you replace Weidel with Le Pen, Griffin or Salvini maybe that explains the responses.

I am not saying this to shut down debate. There is a larger conversation to be had about all of it. How we relate to globalisation for example.

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Nope… on a very rare occasion Le Pen has actually said some small thing that I can relate to… the rest of the time it is utter rubbish… and quite possibly this would be so for the others you name.

Me saying that I agree with whatever small thing being said… does not mean I condone/support (or whatever) all the rest… I am just being honest.

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One needs to be careful - saying “I agree with Le Pen’s stance on…” is a problem because people hear the “I agree with Le Pen” bit and stop listening afterwards - people will assume you are condoning the whole thing.

It happens all the time - for an interesting example pertinent to Brexit listen to the interview where Gove comes out with the now famous quote “People have had enough of experts” - he was going to qualify it, he just started to add “who…” before the interviewer cut him off. Once people have heard enough to make a snap judgement they stop listening.

In this case, I have no sympathy for Gove, not that he needs it - there was a bit of criticism but on the whole the statement didn’t harm his credibility, if anything the opposite.

Aha… definitely 1st April hangover…

I have never said that I agree with anyone’s stance… on anything…:rofl::rofl::rofl:

No, I know that you didn’t Stella

@anon88169868 this is what I actually said…

and if folk are going to misunderstand my words… and/or put their own slant on things… well, that’s their problem, it certainly isn’t mine…

Sounds a bit like Netanyahu to me.

Dr Alice Weidel is a nasty bit of work.

:rofl::zipper_mouth_face::upside_down_face::wink::angry: I think you may well be correct… :shushing_face::thinking::upside_down_face::wink::laughing:

“You may think that, I couldn’t possibly comment”. :zipper_mouth_face::no_mouth:

No, but you are all too ready to comment on those from the far right whilst propagating your, seemingly, far left views.
The problems we are having with democracy at the moment is extremists of either persuasion hiding in what used to be mainstream parties.
I say a plague on both your houses!

Cool, Jane wants you all to get the pox.:grinning:

I’ve been trying to find a YouTube Plague… eg… something with Frankie Howerd in Up Pompeii… but alas… woe and thrice woe… can’t see anything that takes my fancy… :zipper_mouth_face: