Very slow loading on devices?

@Fran24 The technology has moved on since those were introduced but the underlying principle remains the same. The older ones were subject to noise interference from the likes of fridges/freezers on the same circuit but the more modern equivalents filter that out.

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I shall ask OH to check the circuits and look at buying another extender.
Thank you

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Yes, they do work with point-to point wiring - with a slight proviso (see below…)

I’m sorry about this, but there’s a techy bit coming:

Three-phase or single-phase?
If your electricity can supply a lot of power, you may have what is called a three-phase power supply - lower power systems are single-phase. As an example, we have an 18kVA supply which is three-phase. Our neighbour has an 8kVA supply and is single-phase.

The easy way to tell what you have is to see how many thick cables come into your meter unit. If there are 3, you have single-phase, if you have 4 you have three-phase. Another way to tell is that for three-phase, you generally have three consumer units (one for each phase).

Why is this important?
Because the plug-in extenders generally only work when they are both plugged into the same phase.

Your consumer unit/fuse box should be marked up to show which circuits are on which phase. If it is, just make sure that both extenders are plugged into circuits controlled by the same consumer unit.


Good point Brian, hadn’t considered that.

Thanks Brian, It’s three phase if I remember rightly as it is an old farm/dairy.

You’re right - that’s definitely three-phase. At least you now know what to do :wink:

Yes, I expect most UK electrical circuits are radial now anyway. Ring mains are old tech used in UK kitchens where there were heavy loads and not heavy enough cable. (I think!)

If it whines and goes up in smoke when you plug it in, you’ll know you’re on the wrong phase :wink::wink: lost a scanner and hoover that way in my previous house.

I hope it is better, but if not, reboot everything. Switch everything off, then restart one by one, starting with the router, having checked all the connections. If you still have a problem, contact your supplier.

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Orange have now given me 14 Mbps, the line was unstable :woman_shrugging:

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We have the main distribution board in one part of the house (with thick stone walls) and in a new extension there is another board connected to it. The plug-in extenders don’t work in this case. We fed an RJ45 cable from the Livebox through a useful hole in the wall and connected up another router in the extension.

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