Vet needed for pet passport

Looking for an English speaking vet in the southern tip of Deux-Sevres (79), as need my dogs pet passport sorting after 4 week stay in France. Our house is in a hamlet but the nearest towns are Couture d’Argenson, Villemain & Chef Boutonne but will go further afield if need to. Does anyone know of a good vet with experience of pet passports? Thank you.

Hi Andrea,

As mentioned below most vets know the procedure for sorting out a pet passport. The main things to watch out for are that your dog must be micro chipped before he has his vaccination, not after, and that once the blood test results show a sufficient antibody level (it can take more than one vaccination) there will be a 6 month waiting period before you can take the dog back to the UK. Then when you do head back the dog will need a flea and tick treatment and worming tablet at least 24 hours before you get on your cross channel transport and no more than 48 hours. You can find more details on this travel check list page.

I think most vets here understand the passport scheme ours does as he filled ours in correctly when we traveled to and fro he also speaks the same amount of English as we do French about a dozen words we live in a tiny hamlet in the Tarn where the 1980s have still yet to arrive