Victory! I win against the CLEISS

I have heard today that the European Commission has agreed that the CLEISS acted wrongly by refusing me a form S2 for pre-planned treatment in the UK on the sole grounds that I am a UK retiree residing in France.

Needles to say I have heard nothing from the CPAM in Chalon sur Saone or the CLEISS itself.

However, in the letter the Fench authorities have told the Commissioner that I was able to have treatment in the UK, which is totally false. How could I when they had refused to grant me the form S2? This is the usual smokescreen they put up to try and avoid any blame.

This issue will be also addressed at a meeting in Brussels to be held quite soon, to ensure that the french authorities totally understand the correct procedures which they have promised to follow and this does not happen to any other UK retirees.

I do not follow the line "C'est la France" but stand up for myself when I know the fonctionnaires in the wrong!

More power to everyones' elbow.

Thanks Angela, it has been hard work.l

That's great Jane.

Keep going Brian, it has taken me a long time and the help of my ex MEP, Sir Graham Watson. Also the D o H will be ensuring that this will be applied to all UK retirees resident in France, so it was a battle that I felt I had to fight.

In their letter to the Commission, the French said that I had been able to receive treatment in the UK, which is totally untrue, so I shall be pointing that out, as I feel that "misleading" the Commisssion is a serious matter.

I hope to have more to report shortly.

Bravo, says he who is 'fighting' RSI at present.