Video: Jihad Sisters, French women bound for IS group

I found this video on France 24. It shows how young French Moslem girls are being radicalised to fight in Syria, marry jihadists and increase the future population of jihadist extremists and also carry out attacks in France itself.
I also heard on the BBC that young women suicide bombers are using babies so that they can pass through checkpoints without arousing as much suspicion.
The video is quite long, but it really does bear watching.
I can’t imagine that we can do anything to ameliorate this appalling situation as it is restricted to the mainly French speaking immigrant population, home grown, as in UK.
What appalling times we live in. Of course, all this feeds Trump and his equally appalling overreaction.

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It is such a shame that the world has come to this and people are just not happy with what they have in life.

Maureen, if we were all to be happy with the life we were born into we would stay with the rich man in his castle and the poor man at his gate. Even the C of E has got rid of that verse!