Video & subtitle editing software

Hi all,
I’ve been tasked to create some tutorial videos of some of my workflow.
So I need to record the computer screen many times then splice / compile the recordings, edit them and then I’d like to add subtitles or in some cases narrate over the videos.
I’ve never done this before so I’m looking for some simple software either free or paying for it.
I’m using Windows 10.

I have used OBS ( - simply to record a screen plus the audio of, eg, a tv programme - but I know gamers use it for a similar purpose to what you describe.

I find it easy to use, once I’ve set it up, and because it’s open source there’s quite a community of people who can help.

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Well, obviously you need Premiere Pro, or Sony Vegas

Just kidding :slight_smile:

Have a look at these

No personal recommendation I’m afraid - I use Kdenlive on Linux.

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I use Movavi Video Editor 12, which is not the latest version I think, but only for cutting and splicing different videos though I am sure it does so much more. I paid a one off fee for it, probably about €30 I expect.

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I’ve been using Shotcut recently. It’s the first time I’ve used video editing software… it’s not exactly intuitive but there’s loads of tutorials online and plenty of videos on YouTube explaining how to use it, such as this one…

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Thanks, I’ve downloaded it and currently trying to tame it, so far starting to look good for recording found it can even record multi-screens :sunglasses: :+1:

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Thanks, looks like what I’m looking for. I’ll give it a go. :sunglasses: :+1:

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If you want something professional without paying for an Adobe Premiere subscription, check out DaVinci Resolve from BlackMagic Design - it has a free version which covers the essentials and is more sophisticated than the average “home user” video app.

It may be more powerful than you need, but worth a look before you buy something!


Thanks, Chris,
Davinci looks a bit too much. I’m making very basic tutorials for architects and building engineers needing to work with BIM software and Dynamo scripts.
Don’t think I’ll be putting Holywood out of business anytime soon.

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Yes, it’s true Resolve is a “pro” app and there would be a learning curve - but it’s free!

Might be something to bear in mind for the future anyway. Good luck!

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~I asked my son about this and he uses ‘Filmora’ he did say you can use it for free, but when you upload your video it has their logo on it… i think my son called it a ‘water mark’
But he did say its very good and you can do quite a bit with it.

If you intend using it lots then for a full version, the cost is 80 dollar(py) and the lesser package version is 50 dollar.
He travels on his bike and makes videos, using this to edit stuff, from rambling on a three hour vid and cutting it down to only 30mins… in fact he plans a european trip in the summer with some friends.

i’m not sure if this is of any interest, but worth a look.

Filmora has quite a good reputation I believe, though I haven’t used it myself.

Although there was a fuss recently when Filmora told users who had bought a “lifetime” licence that they would in future have to start paying for upgrades to new versions.

Filmora did backtrack on this eventually after there was an outcry, but increasingly these days software is going towards a monthly licensing model instead of one-of purchase…

It’s not so bad if they merely freeze these users at whatever version they paid for. Forcing them to update by revoking their existing license is not on (IMO, of course).

Adobe, at least, did this with Photoshop, So I can still use my old copy of CS5 without buying a new licence.

Adobe did precisely that to me. I had Distiller and Adobe overwrote my version with an automatic update without it and wouldn’t give it back.

By then I’d lost the licence key and couldn’t recover it as the Distiller version had been given to me as a freebie by an old employer when they’d got no one to use 1 copy on a 2for1 deal.

Adobe always used to leave a lot of junk around on the system after updates or installations - didn’t clean up their own mess.

I think that is bad as well. It has happened to me recently with some astro-photography software. When I bought, it was on the understanding that updates for life would be provided. Well, they decided to create a ‘new’ product (same name, looks the same, extra features) and so the ‘old’ product had reached it’s end of life, so no more updates. I could if I wanted buy the ‘new’ product of course, but without any sort of discount for having bought the ‘old’ product only 12 months ago. Stuff 'em, not getting another penny of my money :rage:

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If the original “contract” was updates for the lifetime of the product then I agree.

Photoshop was always a one off purchase, with the option to shell out massively for the next version. Probably, if you did that anyway, the subscription model is worthwhile. If, like me, you are still happy with CS5 and haven’t even mastered all the tricks *that* version has then it’s just a way of milking you for $£€ for ever, which is a big “no thanks” from me :slight_smile:

Prior to the subscription system starting, I used to buy every other version of Adobe products, which saved me some money and kept me sufficiently up to date!

Regarding the “value” in updated versions - sometimes the new features are really useful (for example the AI-based editing tools that are now in Adobe Lightroom) - and sometimes they’re not! I much preferred being able to choose whether to pay for a new version or not, but those days are gone.

As I am a professional photographer I can justify the fifty quid a month for the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite (I also use Premiere and InDesign) - and write it off as a business expense - but when I retire I will be looking for alternatives!!

BTW beware if you like to shoot in RAW format as old software versions often can’t open RAW files from newer cameras. There are workarounds but mostly less convenient than just opening the images directly.

@Wozza, not sure if you’re already sorted but I received an email earlier about a new Humble Bundle (it’s a website where you can pay what you want for software, ebooks, video games, etc… if you pay more than the average you get the entire bundle, and all the money goes to charity).

Their latest Bundle is called King of Content Creator and includes Vegas Pro Edit v18. If you’re still on the lookout for some video editing software this could be interesting plus you’d be donating to a good cause. I’ve bought loads of stuff from them over the years, so can confirm it’s legit.

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Thanks again.
I’m getting on fine with OBS that @Porridge recommend and Short cut that you recommend.
My tutorials are just basic follow my highlighted curser, click on this tool to bring up the next screen, the why’s and why not’s. And Basic visual code programming in computing using Dynamo , python scripts etc to optimize workflows in other programs.

One thing I am surprised about is the availability of performant & free programs out there. My Father filmed a lot of sports and Countryside & natural history films and he spent a fair few pounds on video editing equipment and programs at the time. And now a lot of it’s out there for free and much better.

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