Vinci Toll reader

Has anyone any experience of getting a Toll tag for occasional (such as holiday) use?
I tried to get one online with VINCI but they are unbelievably difficult to deal with.
We ordered one (to be used by our son visiting in August) over 10 days ago. The online forms were completed along with details of our French bank a/c and so far as we were informed by their automatic email reply service, the order had been placed and was in the process of being fulfilled.
However… on checking our bank account, no transaction for the carriage had appeared on our a/c so we email them to ask what progress had, or was being made.
They responded fairly quickly with an email containing the contract already part filled in (similarly so with the mandate for the bank) indicating that this could be completed and returned on-line.
So, that is what we did. However, the full contract ran to man pages of closely typed text which I guess is standard stuff, so we just filled in the pages which required a signature and emailed it back to them.
Not having heard from them for another couple of days, we contacted them again by email to ask about progress.
Eventually, they telephoned to say that we needed to each and every page of the contract and send it back to them…
If they had said that first off, we might have complied but they are just incompetent so we told them to forget it. Our son will have to pay at the peages on the way down from Zeebruges.
Has anyone any experience of getting one of these devices who can offer good advice on which company to use?

I’ve got one, had it for a few years now. From what I can remember , it was a fairly easy and painless process to get it. Maybe the system has changed?

Look on the bright side- he’ll pay his own tolls​:joy::joy:

Get a Bip and Go … have had one for a few years and no problems whatsoever !

Yeah, but… I’ll pay anyway when he gets here… lol

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Ration his beer and wine intake, that will teach him :wink::rofl:

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Thanks for the link Ann

We got ours when we used to come on holiday and got it via the RAC website.

Thanks Dave. Vanessa
has found a link through FB which, if used, gives a discount
so we are just in the process of doing it.

Will the tag just be for use in France?

Yes it will, although
it says that it is good for Spain as well…

I’ve got a Liber-t tag via Sanef though a scheme aimed at UK residents.

Its available here >>>

There is a modest upfront fee 36 euros (of which 20 euros is refundable when the tag is returned). After that, there is a 5 euro monthly fee - which is capped at 2 months usage, plus of course the toll fees. If I remember correctly these are taken via direct debit from a UK bank account towards the end of the following month.

Its invaluable as it not only avoids queues, but saves one trying to use a toll machine in a RHD car.

The added bonus is the looks from fellow drivers who have assumed that you have made a mistake in heading for the telepeage lane!

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Just go to the Vinci office at the motorway exit, there they will ask id papers, a RIB and Taney will give you your badge straight away, painless and worry free . Good luck :blush::blush::blush::black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

No payment if you do not use the badge during the month, 1euro in the month that you use the badge
Well worth it believe me, especially here in south .

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