Violence in hospitals

Most will know that two hospital workers got stabbed a couple of days ago. One nurse very sadly died.

Being in and out of hospital for the last two months, and being treated with such care and respect I can’t fathom how people can be violent in a hospital. Nevermind go to the extreme of such an act.

Our local AE has a permanent sercurity guard.

What drives people to be so violent in hospitals ?

In this case the attacker had mental heath issues. But most don’t.

I think it’s a problem in many countries. Dunk people, Drug users, frustration at long waits in ED, increase in general rudeness. My daughter’s an ED doctor, she sees a lot of it. I think security in EDs is a necessity now.

I just cannot see why it is like it is - and as you say, it is an international problem.

I put it down to low self esteem and/or lack of confidence, hitting out at those weaker than you. I also cannot see how men can even contemplate being violent to women in general. But many are, drunk or not drunk…