Visa for France to avoid 90/180 day problem

Hi, and thanks in advance. I am trying to work out the best course to take regarding a visa.
The facts:
My wife is a French citizen living in the UK.
We have a house in the Aveyron which we would like to live in for 6 months of the year in 2 month slots to comply with current UK house insurance.
Does anyone have a similar experience and what was the solution? As far as I can see the 180 days is a problem because we would prefer to be in France in spring, summer and autumn but avoid August.
Best wishes
Martyn Chillmaid

Obviously your wife is not limited in the time she can spend in France

If you alternate 60 day periods you run into your 90 day limit halfway through the 2nd visit and you would need to leave France at that point.

There’s a tourist visa which might solve your problem.

You can apply for a 3-6 month visa to get around this problem. It costs €99 and you need to have an interview at the embassy in the UK and prove resources / health cover etc.

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