Visa Question

Hi there. We are in the middle of an entrepreneur Visa application and we’ve been asked for more documents, specifically " YOUR MASTER DEGREE DIPLOMA or any other documents that prove you have the experience in the same field for at least 5 years." I have already provided my degree certificate from university and professional qualifications and a CV/resume. Are they simply looking for proof I have worked at the companies in my CV, i.e. a letter from ex-employer(s). I just want to make sure I provide what is needed. Thank you in advance!

I can’t answer specifically, but it is my experience here that you often have to send in the same document three times before it becomes registered that this is the document they asked for!

Thanks Jane. Their email says to not supply documents already provided. So I’m not sure if they missed it (it was definitely copied and supplied) or they need more!

Are they requiring these to be translated to French perhaps before being regarded as “accepted” :thinking:

Thanks Graham - I don’t think so - the application said English or French for documents. And there are other docs I provided in English they did not ask for again.

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The key to communications… Tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, and them tell them what you’ve told them.

If I was you Nick, I’d bung it off agin and see what happens. A single foreign document may address different questions which would require separate documents in France.

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I’d send them again with a covering note saying that as requested you are supplying x, y and z. The person looking to your file may not recognise the degree certificate for what it is.

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