Visa renewal

Can someone help me with this rather urgent question. I need to renew my long-stay visa for the first time, but I am currently in the US with my kids so I cannot go to the Prefecture in Paris to make an appt. I went on-line to register for an appt and I cannot make one. This is the info it asks for--when I enter it, it simply gives me the blanks to fill in again. I don't know if the "N° de votre titre de séjour" is my visa number, my vignette number, my OFII number or my Etr number, but I have tried them all. I assumed it was the visa number, but no luck with any of them. Has anyone else used this method to schedule and appt and know what I am doing wrong? I need to schedule long before I return to France or I won't be able to renew on time. Nom
N° de votre titre de séjour
Date de naissance (jj/mm/aaaa)
Date d'expiration du titre
de séjour


If you contact the French Consulate in the US, I'm sure they can help.

Embassy of France in Washington D.C., U.S.A.

4101 Reservoir Road, NW,

Washington DC 20007

I will try to assist you. Please post the website you used if you reply. If you are renewing your TITRE DE SEJOUR, LONGUE DUREE, it is likely many things have changed including how they identify you TODAY. I doubt if it is your passport number, however. Have you tried to call an embassy near you in the USA with your question? Just an idea. Mike Staubes ( Dax, France.