Visa Validation

Good morning to you all… I have now moved on from one worry to the next… Visa Application successfully submitted, but not yet approved. Now I am getting ready for the next (and most exciting bit!), actually moving to France (fingers crossed). My question is… once we are in France, are we allowed to go back to the UK at all… Our house sale in UK will not have been finalised so will need to go back to empty the house etc etc… I am sure I read somewhere that you were not allowed back… Is this true? Have googled but its all a bit ambiguous, many thanks…

Hello Jane

You can certainly nip back for that sort of thing with a Carte de Sejour. I can’t imagine that you wouldn’t be allowed to with a visa but I think @JaneJones may well have the info about that one as she keeps up with the French government websites!

Thanks for the response Angela… it would be before we have even got are CdS… I am talking about just a couple of weeks after arriving on a visa… I am sure I could get somebody else to sign the final house sale contracts on our behalf (and maybe preferable) but just wanted to know if I could… I am sure I read somewhere that you can only go back once or twice… maybe I dreamt it!!! Thank you again for your response…

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Given that your visa allows you in and out of France to other EU countries (for up to 90/180 days of course) I can’t see why you can’t pop back to a non-EU one.

It is short stay visa that are marked single entry I believe.

I think maybe that was my confusion… thank you…

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