Visiting France in 2nd half of April

Evening all,
In midst of planning our trip to Brittany/Normandy, and sorting out the first hurdle. To drive my own car, or hire one… still doing the sums, but for ease of use, may drive my own.

With the B word going on…I thought hmmm insurance. Contacted my insurers, and yes I am covered for 90 days, using my own or a hire car. Thanks Great…
Ok, now with the current situation of B…we could leave the EU by the time we go… what would happen then ??..( a bit of a wait here in the online chat)…
You will need a green card, if we leave… Cool, so how do i get one to cover my bases ?
Come back to us tomorrow, so we can refer you to the underwriters ( during their opening hours), and they can do this… Okay, i’ll contact you tomorrow , thanks.
Sooooo, if anyone is visiting France from the UK, may not be pertinent to just go without one…especially if the visit is straddling important times. Could be part way through holiday uninsured !!!

Did you remember to get an IDP?

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No !! and thanks for reminding me :wink: … last time I drove abroad was Spain…9 years ago.

This is the UK government guidance…

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Thanks guys…

Also allow extra time as there may be increased controls at customs and as always the interpretation of any new situation by the people on the front line.

It’s looking rather as though we will still be in the EU come April

I’m hoping so as I have a visit booked for Easter.

Paul. That would be great but I’m not holding my breath. I too have a trip booked end of April and more worryingly I have been unable to book an appointment with the prefecture to give in my application for naturalisation. Their website just says not dates available.

No I’m not holding my breath either - IDP and Green Card sorted and extra delays through the border posts will just have to be tolerated - at least having our own place means it doesn’t matter all that much what time we arrive.

We’ll see what tonight’s vote brings.