Visitors from U.K

I have a friend from the U.K. coming to stay for a week. Do I ( the host ) have to go to the Marie and declare that I have someone coming to stay with me from U.K. giving arrival and departure dates along with proof they have travel/health insurance and proof that they can provide for them selves financially whilst here???

If they have a return ticket and a credit card then that will do service if questioned. None of our friends/family have been asked in last 2 years!

Which doesn’t mean they won’t be, so could write a simple attestation d’hébergement just in case.

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Seeing this thread I have just filled in a certificate (lots to copy if you google them) for my daughter who is an american resident but british passport holder and coming to see us via the UK in a couple of weeks. Her passport has the american embassy issued visa in it but officials here might get a bit jobs worth, you just never know and I have put my mobile number on the attestation so they can ring me at the airport. With our luck, she will be the one they stop and ask.

I usually send an email to visitors inviting them to stay with my address and the dates of their visit.
Not one of my visitors have ever been asked for details of their stay in the last 3 years.


Lets hope that continues but as I said, with our luck, we would be the ones to be checked out and for the cost of a bit of paper its going prepared. I don’t expect any other UK visitors this year or possibly next to be honest.

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I wonder, has ANYONE ever been asked for such an attestation ?!


I think if I’d paid €30 to get it I would insist on the border guard inspecting it!

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When we were first made aware of this I asked the friend with whom we stayed to write a few words. Needless to say nothing was asked for.
We have been twice since and I didn’t even give it a thought.

I think its just one of those extra brexit bonuses that no one really knows is implimented or not but it only takes an article in the newspaper of fear to start the ball rolling and people panicking. I have not heard of anyone being stopped or even asked for one, but I like to be prepared for all eventualities these days.