Vitamin D and Covid19

Oh goody, I do like my porridge :slightly_smiling_face:

Might pass on Paddy’s concoction though, if only because I no longer have a hotplate. :laughing:

This would give me raging diarrhoea for days!

@Jane_Williamson Too much information Jane!


No too much acid.

Then put a teaspoon in some hot water and increase daily to find the best level for you. It would help your allergies in the long term.

The water would have to be boiling to destroy the enzymes which are the cause of my problem.

Does anyone on here drink Keffir? It’s become quite popular in the UK. Do they sell it in French supermarkets? I buy mine from the local Polish shop.

Each to their own! It is popular in this area. Our local BioCoop sells it, but I can’t even cope with the smell.

I get mine from iherb - here’s the link

If you use this code , you get some money off your first order or something. Sorry for vagueness - cooking as I type!

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You can get it in all the bio shops and some of the mainstream ones too.

Isn’t Kefir one of those drinks that you can make yourself once you obtain a live culture and it starts working …(like ginger beer) and contains a lot of goodies incl Vit D
Never made it myself though.

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You can make keffir I think but I think what you are thinking of is Kombucha, I had some mother and made my own a few years ago - it was fabulous! Even started experimenting with fruit flavours etc, slightly fizzy and very yum with lots of good stuff in it!

I take this too. Its in liquid form in a glass vial.
Its pretty disgusting, orange and oily but I do as I’m told and keep taking it.

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Might be an old wives tale but… if you put field mushrooms upside down in the sun the Vit D inreases by up to 300 per cent

Not an old wives tale and It does not have to be the sun, any UV source works with them.

During the winter in Sweden, I saw them turned upside down under sun/UV lamps at a mushroom farm.

I saw kéfir for sale in Intermarché yesterday, in the yoghurt aisle.


Over 200 Scientists & Doctors Call For Increased Vitamin D Use To Combat COVID-19

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Dr Campbell’s latest video with guest - professor of public health from Canada.
They discuss the treatment of fevers or rather not - leaving the fever to take it’s course as
a mechanism to fight an infection.

Likewise @John_Scully . Mine put me on a 12 month intensive course in November because I was deficient and I’m just recovering from Covid which I caught about 3 weeks ago.