Vitamin D and Covid19

I haven’t seen any mention here of British doctor and lecturer Dr John Campbell. I started watching his youtube videos on research ino the protective effects of vitamin D some months ago. It does seem to be incredible that so little research has been done on this
vitamin which promises so much in the fight agains CV19.
The limited clinical trials carried out to date have shown great promise - a drug that costs pennies which can evidently keep many people out of intensive care units.

Well my (french) rheumatologist upped my vit D dose today, muttering that it might help and will do no harm to get my levels higher during pandemic. So she must have picked that up from somewhere…

We are both taking 2000iu now. My pharmacist wife did take a little pursuading bearing in mind the British National Formulary (BNF) states a 400iu dose daily. Dr Fauci is taking 6000iu and patients being admitted to hospital with serious CV19 are in some places being given huge doses to boost their blood vit D levels.
There are widespread inadequate vit D levels in populations, even in countries like Spain
where people tend to stay out of the sun. In more northerly latitudes, come autumn, we are unable to produce the vit D levels we need from sunlight and we should all be taking a supplement.

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The BMJ seem to think it’s a good idea.

I’m probably in the “unlikely to harm & might do a bit of good” camp.


I think that despite our sunny climes many of us are deficient in vitamin D. My endocrinologist put me on a six month whacker course.


Just checked my dose…maths is not my strong point (I’m on drops not tablets so not as straightforward) but I was on 4,000iu which kept me just above the deficient zone at around 50nmol/l and she’s upped me to 6,000iu with aim of getting to 75. I don’t retain Vit D, so even being outside a lot of every day with arms exposed doesn’t do it for me.

How else do you get Vitamin D apart from sunlight and supplements?

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Depends on what you eat, as well…

Oh, I see, I will have to have a look. :wink: :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s possible that it may turn out to be a life saver in some circumstances. We’ll have to see what large scale clinical trials reveal. All rather late in the day though.

Sadly, no it’s not incredible. It’s all too predictable. There is no money in it for the big pharma companies who can’t patent food / nutrition / vitamin supplementation. Indeed, there is more likely to be adverse PR

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Vitamin D can be made in the skin by exposure to sunlight or obtained through the diet from natural sources (e.g. fatty fishes such as salmon, tuna and mackerel, fish liver oils, beef liver, cheese and egg yolks), or from vitamin D-fortified foods or vitamin D-containing supplements.
Vitamin D helps to keep our bones, teeth and muscles healthy something we all need to do as we get older.


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My Dr prescribed ZymaD a few years ago. I’m not sure how the strength compares with others, but it can be bought over the counter.
A few years ago a Dr in Asia told me it is a must these days, especially as people are waking up to the danger of being out in the sun for long periods!

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It’s tricky, exposure to sunlight - and it doesn’t even have to be sunny.

I had a team of scientists from R.N. College, Greenwich, based at my boatyard on the Devon bank of the Tamar. They set up an array of sensors, one of which measured UV. They came by every month to download the data. To their astonishment the highest UV reading they had ever had was over the month leading up to their February readings. Very little sunshine in Feb in Devon.

UV penetrates clouds [and clothing unless the fabric is designed to block it]. I gave up sunbathing, after 30 years or running around in shorts in the tropics and southern europe, in 1979. But I still got a warning shot across the bows with skin damage on my temple, actinic keratosis, a pre-cancerous condition. That was 25 years after making a decision to stay out of direct sunlight. Skin damage is cumulative.

The mutuel doesn’t cover that extra.

Thank you Yvonne, and welcome to the forum, if I may be so bold as a relative newcomer myself. :slightly_smiling_face:

I do eat quite a lot of cheese, some eggs and also fish now and then. So it must be the sunlight over 77 years that has kept me bone breaking free in that time.

Apart from necessary pills to counter reflux causing hiatus hernia and voluntary taking of Curcuma to ease my arthritis, I prefer to steer clear of pills, so I may steal a couple of the dogs’ sardines now and again, just to be sure. :wink: :laughing:


Perfect :ok_hand::blush:

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Mushrooms and Oats also contain Vit D.

My winter remedy for stopping any kind of pending throat infections or as a daily preventative is as follows:-
Peelings and leaves of pineapple
1 Whole garlic
1 Ginger root (or powder)
1 Turmeric root (or Curcumin powder)
1 Lemon or Lime (incl peel)
Chop all into small pieces, put into lidded pan, cover with water and put on low heat until water is hot (but not boiling).
Take out whateverliquid is required.
This mix can be used for days. Just keep adding water and heating mixture. Ingredients can be varied to taste.