Has anyone made an appointment for the vaccines through the app, I can get to the end and it asks me through doctolib
Too make an appointment, please fill in the validation code that was sent to you.
My question is what code, I have an account as does my partner but we both hit the same problem, without a code no appointment as it fails at this point.

Not having a smartphone I can’t say but if you do it via a browser on any other machine it puts you through to Doctolib and you have to create an account if you haven’t already got one but there was certainly no requirement for a code. I did exactly what you are doing from a desktop on Friday and got my appointment booked via Doctolib for next Thursday. I can’t see why a smartphone would be different but it’s dead easy on anything else :smiley:

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I will give it a go on my pc, thanks.

Tried on my pc with the same result :thinking:

Now that really is odd. Surely they can’t have changed the system so completely in less than 2 days…

As soon as I click on who are you making this appointment for either myself or my partner it comes up with the above screenshot.

Have you tried it once you are actually logged in to Doctolib on another browser window?

Tried that as well, both my partner and myself have tried countless times now, I will leave it till tomorrow and try again.

Have you checked your spam box?

Hi Colin, a three digit code will be sent to the telephone number you have added to your account.
It appears as a text message to a mobile phone or a voice message to a landline phone.

I guessed that’s what might happen but no texts to either mine or my partner’s phone, as I say I will try again tomorrow.

It seems to me that many government and utility websites are often worked on and updated on a Sunday. Certainly LaPoste does this. With any luck, it may work properly today :crossed_fingers:

I found Docteurlib a waste of space (55-64) impossible to find anywhere to book. Contacted the regional centre who recommended I visit the lcal pharmacie, no problem getting an am on the list for the next batch of AZ!