Vive la bureaucracy!

"The Republic of Leyland is about to declare war on the Republic of France. I'm trying to obtain my French pension from 1985 and the authorities insist on seeing photocopies of my payslips from 27 years ago! As if! On the other hand, I wish UK had such a rigorous system for dishing out welfare to all and sundry.

I am trying to obtain a form S2 from my local CPAM so that I can have a special screening procedure that I cannot find here in France. I have been told that I cannot have it because I am retired and there is no reciprocal agreementbetween the UK and France for retired people to be able to return to the UK, or anywhere in the EU, to obtain the treatment they need and cannot find in France.

The Policy Team of the Department of Health in Whitehall agree that I am eligible for this, but try telling that to the fonctionnaires in Chalons sur Saone.

I have been asked to get a letter from Chalons saying why they are refusing me the form S2 and to send it to the Department of Health in Whitehall, who will take it up on my behalf.

I have also consulted the Commission.

I need to have an answer soon as my trip to UK is just over a fortnight away.

I asked a French colleague about this situation and she too was surprised. Apparently the French retain all official documents for their entire life! No-one told me that when I worked in France. Carsat in Rouen say that if I cannot produce 4 'lost' payslips from 1985 then I can't have any pension. A tad harsh n'est-il pas?

Elizabeth: I bet you're missing Leyland - 21 degrees in the shade today. Mind you, in Leyland, everywhere is in the shade :-(

You mean you are not so organised that you can't put your hands on them immediately. 27 years ago was roughly the time when I worked in the republic of leyland!