VLC Videolan problem

I’ve used this for ages with no problems but yesterday I tried to replay videos from a wildlife motion camera that has just arrived. Not sure there is a problem with that or not but whatever it was the video would not play and a panel came up talking about not recognising a codec or something.

However, since then it won’t play any of my videos, including one I only recorded yesterday which I did successfully view at first.

I tried downloading an update from Videolan but all that happens is a panel saying do I want to save it. Clicking yes has no effect, neither does clicking on the link which it says to in case the download doesn’t start.

Any ideas?

What platform - phone, tablet or desktop?

Laptop, running Windows 10 64 bit

Just launched VLC from desktop, pressed help and chose updates. A panel appeared saying problem with updates.

I’d go for the time honoured solution of deinstallation followed by reinstallation.


Thanks Billy, my thinking also, as a definite non-techie. I can understand why the new camera might not be accepted by VLC, but what baffles me is why it should stop it working with everything else it has hitherto been fine with.

I’ll give it a go. :slightly_smiling_face:

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All done, after several goes not realising that I had to kick start it from my download place. :roll_eyes:

And it is working again, but not tried it with the motion camera yet, but at least I know what to do if it cocks it up again. :grinning:

However my previous version was 14 and this new one is 16, so fingers crossed they have got it sorted by now. :thinking:


However my previous version was 14 and this new one is 16, so fingers crossed they have got it sorted by now.

Thankfully this has proved to be the case. The new download has played all 12 recorded files from yesterday, as well as all my other videos as well.
Only problem now is setting up the camera to be pointed in the right direction, there doesn’t seem to be a very wide angle, vertically or laterally, that I would like. Also it may be triggered by tree branches moving slowly in the breeze. That will be a case of adjusting the sensitivity though by trial and error.

If I can solve those two problems I might in doing so solve its lack of movement detection in the dark. Otherwise that will be a real problem, a wild life camera with infra red detection is not much use if it can only be used in daylight.