We would like to replace our existing heavy wooden shutters which are difficult to open and even more difficult to close. Can anyone recommend or advise on suppliers/fitters in the Huelgoat/Carhaix area? Due to the design of our upstairs Dormer windows, we do not think that roller shutters are suitable. Also we think that we may lose too much light through the downstairs windows if we have roller shutters.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks, Bob

We spent some time over the weekend in Castorama invesigating the many arrete de volets displayed and we think (and hope) we may be able to solve our problem. We hope we do not have to have too many trials and make too many errors!

Thanks for your comments.


I tried out a terrible locking device that was supposed to be very secure. It was impossible to close so I had it removed and the traditional hook put in. A couple of my pairs of shutters have two locks -- both easy now! -- as the gaps at the side would make it very easy to flip the hook up. A lot of trial and error to get each one right.

Good luck with yours.


Thanks Martha, we think you are right and we will probably stick with our wooden shutters, we just need to adapt the locking device to make it easier for us to open and close them.

Cheers, Bob

Hi David, we already have had a rethink and would like to stick to our existing volets which, although thick and heavy, would be fine if we had the normal centre locking rods fitted. Also, "arrete de volets" positioned so that we can reach them from the upstairs windows without the risk of falling out!

We don't particularly want rollers as we'd lose a lot of the charm of the existing appearance of the cottage.

Since you are not far from us how about coming over for a drink sometime?

Cheers, Bob

I have to replace or repair my wooden shutters every few years. I stick with wooden shutters as they are simple (I did have an electric rolling shutter which broke after 4 years; I replaced it with wooden shutters) and blend in with what the rest of the village have. Also, here in Dordogne, it is so wet that I fear metal ones would rust faster than wooden ones would warp. Lastly, I did not want to buy something that would require a specialist coming from a distant town to repair. With wooden shutters, the local carpenter or even handyman can make them and repair them and the local cooperative agricole has all the hinges, hooks and handles necessary.

I close those on the ground floor every night and paint them every three to four years, which keep them in working order.

You can even get DIY ones from Brico Depot http://www.bricodepot.fr/morlaix/volet-battant-pvc/prod39574/ but unless you have the skills you need someone to fix them. Ask David Neal in the Brittany Bar he's bound to know someone. The big firms are all expensive as you have to pay for the advertising, sales teams and showrooms. You are in the Parc Naturel and the Architecte de France does not like roller blinds anyway. Some people here do put wooden ones back as they are much nicer. You can also get very nice coloured aluminium ones and they really are a specialist job but the Rolls Royce.