Voltbox Offer

Has anyone bought the above and does it save electricity as it claims to do?

I haven’t purchased one, but the all the electrical system theory I remember from my ancient HNC and all the experience gained afterwards says this is a whopping big pile of ****.

Rebuttal #1:

While it’s true that any household appliance with a motor will cause a phase imbalance in your home’s electrical system which is somewhat inefficient, any equipment that could react to said imbalance would have to be on the main supply to your house and would be quite expensive.

Unless governments mandate a certain Power Factor (What is Power Factor? | How to Calculate Power Factor Formula) be maintained by energy suppliers to residential properties as they do voltage and frequency, the likes of EDF aren’t going to do this for free.

Rebuttal #2:

The idea that any active or passive device/s plugged into 13/16 Amp outlet is going to be able to control your home’s entire electrical system AND use less power whilst doing so is laughable unless actual Harry Potter style magic is real.

Too Long; Didn’t Read version: It’s an utter scam.


Thanks Guy. You have confirmed what I pretty much knew already. I just needed to hear it from somebody who knows what they are talking about.

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