Volunteer travel agent seeks assistance!

Hi all,

I have somehow find myself in the role of volunteer travel agent for 4 friends who are going to see U2 in concert in Glasgow this November.

Having helped them buy their tickets online, I now have the dubious pleasure of finding them hotels, flights etc for the trip from Lourdes to London, London to Glasgow and then Glasgow to Edinburgh before flying back to Lourdes.

I am trying to find a hotel in London that would allow them easy access to the centre via the underground for around 80€ per night per room and a nice hotel in Glasgow and one in Edinburgh. if anyone has any ideas, I would be very thankful for your input as I haven't been back to the UK for over three years, much less played tourist in London!!

Thank you in advance for any help, advice or travel tips that I could use.

Thank you everyone for your hints and tips. That gives me plenty to be going on with for now!! Great stuff. Thank you all so much :-)

Just noticed this also......http://www.amadeusguesthouse.co.uk/

Try http://www.ibis.com/gb/booking/hotels-list.shtml

London from 63 euros and Glasgow from 40! We often stay in the one in Leeds and it's great value.

We stayed in The Scotsman a fantastic hotel just up from the railway station. Highly recommended.

if you are going to Glasgow go via the east coast line from Kings cross a lot quicker than the west coast. trains from Edinburgh to Glasgow depart every 30 mins from 6 am til midnight. you are then in the city centers of the two big Scottish cities. trains to the SECC depart every ten minutes.

train is quicker and easier.

Why not travel by Eurostar to London, then catch the underground to kingsx.

Hi, have a look on triviago and tripadvisor for hotel deals, gives lots of good prices especially for London. Also look at train prices from London to Glasgow and then onto Edinburgh, and back to London, saves a lot of hanging around the airports. Also if there is any problems with the weather there is more chance that the trains will not be impacted (as long as there are no leaves on the line, or the wrong type of snow :wink: )