Voting for 15 years in the UK

Sorry, I cannot find the original thread. About the 15 years only voting rights but below is the answer from my (conservative) MP, I was quite touched as there is no way that MP is ever going to lose his seat there is not even a Labour candidate in my ex circonscription.


Dear Mr & Mrs Rogers

Thank you for contacting me about the voting rights of overseas citizens.

As you know, the previous Labour Government reduced the time British citizens were able to be out of the country and entitled to vote to 15 years.

Unfortunately Ten Minute Rule motions very rarely result in legislation because of a lack of parliamentary time for the resulting Bill to complete its passage.

However the Conservative Party recognises that this situation is not fair and it has pledged that a future Conservative Government will remove this cap and extend full voting rights to all British overseas voters for life.

Yours sincerely


Carswell isn't it? You might be pleasantly pleased to know that the most recent by-election poll shows support going down and the Tories going back up and a good candidate is expected to be selected for next May. Since none of the other parties care much, that is one to watch.

And pigs might fly. Although if we put enough pressure on you never know! Unfortunately the british public may have elected a government with ukip as partners before anything can be done, and then “Gawd help us”

Recently, people have become excited that Doris has included this in the Queens Speech (New Parliamentary session 2021) however, I have just been reading that this may be a political ploy (as ever) since there is a sting in the tail…
It seems that in the Bill there are very real concerns about other measures that are proposed in the same Bill. The introduction of Voter ID would disenfranchise UK citizens who are unable to afford passports or or Driving Licences a consequence of which is that Opposition parties would likely abstain, vote against or filibuster (given the size of the Govt’s majority) the bill out of Parliamentary time. It would certainly give Doris an opportunity to claim that Labour are against returning the vote to UK citizens abroad >15 years and that those nice Conservatives are the only ones who have their interests at heart :roll_eyes:
Its all a political ball game with absolutely no sincerity from Doris and his demonic devil minders.