Vous n'êtes pas en Europe Madame, vous êtes en France

Just received a very stern letter (written in capital letters which in French can often mean 'I am telling you off') from the RAM/RSI

The letter states that the E106 does NOT cover uk nationals for two years' healthcare and they are demanding that I pay them in arrears..............

Has anyone else out there had this problem?

Various UK gov departments, at the time of my moving, plus CPAM and a French accountant assured me that I was not liable for RAM/RSI contributions during my first two years and that the E106 would cover me.

So I decided to phone to check if this letter was a mistake. 'Non Madame' they told me. When I started to say that the UK has a reciprocal agreement in place according to EU law the lady cut me off by stating

'Vous n'êtes pas en Europe Madame, vous êtes en France'


Any advice welcome as the letter is also threatening to take the matter to court......sooner rather than later

Hi Tracy

Yep letter understood (am bi lingual). I think the mistake here is mine as when my then accountant asked me about healthcare I said 'don't worry the UK E106 document covers me'. When the RSI contacted me for the first time it was after the end of the E106 period by which time I was entitled to a bit of RSA and automatically put on CMU Mutuelle with CPAM and later by RSI when I closed my business down.

This letter came out of the blue and took me by surprise but as so many of you are giving me the same advice I will settle

Thanks for your advice

Hi Sarah,

I seem to remember that once you have entered the French social security system through working or self employment, your UK issued cover is no longer valid. I'm about to do the school run and have the mad couple of hours but I'll try and have a think where I saw the information.

In the meantime, you should have been paying through your business every trimestre anyway. Are you sure (don't mean to be rude!) that you have fully understood the letter - they can have a very complicated way of putting things.

Hi again - yes I infact read this before signing on here but can't seem to find an answer. Am also waiting for a call from my nearest consulate as the very helpful French receptionist had similar problems when she lived in the UK..........

Thanks Jeanette - am going to read this straight away

Hi Tracy

I moved to France in 2007 (was self employed in UK) and immediately set myself up here as a silk painter.

I officially arrived in April 2007 and my Siret arrived in June 2007. By this time I had already visited CPAM who said my E106 would cover me until end of January 2009 and my carte vitale was delivered shortly after.

I worked full time until Dec 2010 as a silk painter but had the right to RSA/CMU Mutuelle since March 2009 when things began to get tight.

In Dec 2010 I officially closed ('radié') my studio and have for the past year I have been ' en formation' organised and paid for by the Pole Emploi/ANPE with healthcare covered by CMU Mutuelle

So my thinking is that the E106 should cover me from April 2007 - January 2009 (as stated on document). February 2009 I had no cover (and am happy to pay this arrear) and from March 2009 I was eligible for RSA/CMU Mutuelle

The period the RSI are asking me to pay is from 1st April 2008 to 28th February 2009 and I am only at this stage willing to pay the February installment

Must say I am flumoxed by this one - any advice greatly appreciated thanks

Hi Sarah, are you working in any capacity either now or since you have been here?