VPN for BBC iplayer

Which is the best VPN to receive Iplayer? I use Surfshark which works fine on Netflix Prime Disney and NowTV., but not BBC or ITV hub

The BBC are pretty good at spotting VPNs. It’s a constant battle between using new IP addresses and them blocking them. I use NordVPN which used to be very good for iPlayer but I’ve pretty well given up now. So sorry, no recommendation, but one buyer beware :slightly_smiling_face:

We ditched SurfShark after they admitted it doesn’t work with ITV, now use ExpatVPN which is much better.

Windscribe are excellent, they have a specific streaming location in their VPN too.
No problems with iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4 etc.

ExpressVPN still works for me

ExpressVPN for me too - far superior to others I experienced :+1: touching wood as I type :grin::grin:

We use Libertyshield. They have a dozen or so servers (which is guess they change) so if need be we flip from one to another.

No problems with NordVPN (who recently bought Surfshark and consolidating the two services).
BBC iPlayer is currently accessible on all devices with NordVPN’s UK servers VPN for BBC: how to watch it securely | NordVPN support

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I’ve never really had an issue with NordVPN working with iPlayer. Been using it now for nearly 4 years without issues. However, recently All4 has stopped working, so I’ll have to have a look at that. I change my NordVPN server every 2-3 months, and I think that is what you need to do to keep it working reliably.

Just looked them up, and they have a free offering, limited to 10GB per month. That would be great to try them out.

I try with multiple severs every time I try to connect and I’m bumped.

Nord VPN for me about 10 years go for the 3 year plan

Nordvpn did that to me 1 year into a 3 year prepaid contract. They were not adding enough new servers for UK at the time for the volume of users they’d sold to that were using iPlayer I suspect.

To cut a long story short first iPlayer stopped working around 1st year anniversary then at 2nd year anniversary pretty much everything stopped working.

They.agreed it didn’t work and even said suddenly many of their users were in the same position and they were aware of the problem. They steadfastly refused to refund the rest of the 3 year contract of which I got not much more than 1 year’s use. Even though they agreed their stuff no longer worked. They stated that even on a 3-year prepaid contract, if it stops working anytime after the first 30 days, so on Day 31, their policy is never to return any money.

They moved to Panama during my contract. That says it all.


Same for us, Surfshark admitted they didn’t work with Sky so we got a refund.
Switched to NordVPN and touch wood haven’t had any issues since.

OOh that’s disappointing to read, so far no issues for me with Sky at least.

This was done so that they could not be compelled to reveal information about thier users by certain governments.

I’m in the same boat. There’s no reason for it because I’me sure they are all virtual servers anyway.

…Ahem and lots of other shady reasons for choosing Panama. Their customer service clearly are people used to living in an environment where the rule of law doesn’t apply. Basically in Panama there is no way of pursuing them.



I can say they are worthwhile, especially seeing the responses of others who are having problems.

I started with the free offer, and quickly upgraded.

You believe what you believe. I’ve had few issues with them for several years. What issues I did have were quickly resolved. The Panama thing is really just about jurisdiction. Most good VPN providers are based in Panama or similar hard to reach jurisdictions. If they’re not, and you’re worried about your privacy (think China, Russia etc.), then you would never go near them.