VPN for TV

Can anyone recommend a VPN so that watch BBC and C4 television? Our current VPN can’t get C4 any more and it’s the only English news programme I still watch.
In an ideal world I would like to run it from a RaspberryPi rather than my laptop. Has anyone had any success with this setup?
Thanks in advance

Have you tried changing your clock? Ours Sometimes objects if we are in a different time zone. But otherwise we have no problem with C4 using Liberty Shield

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I have also found that any device like a phone or tablet that goes via the VPN needs it’s clock set to UK timezone. I also have a fake GPS app as well that puts me in the UK where I used to live.
As for a raspberry Pi, I’ve never tried that but I think several of the VPN providers support it, and you can switch the RPi WiFi into AP mode. Never thought to do that, and I have a spare RPi 4b so may give it a go.

Edit : NordVPN has software that can turn a RPi into a VPN server. Others probably will as well.

We use Nord VPN. It’s very good.

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We use express VPN and that’s been good for us.

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I’ve used both. I go between the two so that I can get a lower price.

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I have used Surf Shark for about a year now and it’s been fine so far, but I don’t use it much tbh.

I have just moved from ExpressVPN to NordVPN as express stopped supporting manual configuration on my router (using openvpn client). The other change that enabled channel4 to work was to change from a UDP config to a TCP config. It may be worth a try if you have that option.

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Used NORDVPN for long time…no problems getting Uk programmes and worldwide streaming…

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Channel 4 and BBC are both sensitive about cache data - I usually clear the cache and reboot and that fixes most C4 issues.

Expressvpn works for me. Try and choose a VPN with several access points - it’s rare a service works them all out at the same time.

The only VPN I would recommend is to buy a VPN Router from Liberty Shield.
This sets up a WiFi Network in your location which appears as it would in another country. In my case the UK. Having a Network means that any device be that Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Tower PC TV, Humax box etc can all be connected when desired.

It is not a free VPN but it is the best and their customer service is second to none. They usually solve any issue within the day.

Maybe get a Firestick and use that with a VPN installed?

Thank you to everyone for your helpful and informative replies to my question. I think a good start would be to change my current VPN and see how that works - im already running on UK time so thats one thing sorted.


Argh, I spoke too soon :disappointed:. Well, rather the slightly dubious way I was getting Surf Shark has stopped working. Not that Surf Shark doesn’t work for iPlayer, Channel 4, etc… Oh well, it was good while it lasted.

This is a good suggestion if you do need a router and VPN on different devices as well a your firestick. If you only want your VPN to watch TV and you already get a good signal from your modem then it is an extra expense and more kit to go wrong.

If you only want to watch geofenced stuff on your firestick then it it much easier to download a VPN app onto the firestick. This has the added advantage of making your firestick totally portable to anywhere with a wifi signal.

Why don’t you just try iptv?I’ve been buying iptv accounts direct for years now!
As long as the device is connected to the internet, I can watch all TV channels from all over the world directly on all my devices such as my iPhone, TV ,PC and iPad. The only problem is that iptv can drop out when watching important matches such as the Champions League final. Still, I’m happy that I can get all the live channels for only 50 euros a year.

I suspect not everyone is comfortable with the legal “ambiguity”* of IPTV plus it tends to be a little bit techie for some.

*to be generous