VW California camper

Anyone immatriculated one of these here in France ?? I’ve got a friend who is bringing one over from the UK… :thinking:

(Seems it is a proper VW original… not put together by Joe Public.)

I would love to say I had one Stella :heart_eyes:
I did have one in the 70’s and have yearned for another one since.

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This might be an old one… no idea… bit of a rushed conversation… with other folk chatting alongside.

I was simply asked for advice about registering “it”… when it gets to France… and all I could suggest (at this stage) was to gather every scrap of paperwork and make sure it has solid insurance to cover a good length of time out of UK (while the owner tries to register it here). :roll_eyes:

The California was a VW in-house built camper so post 2004 models should have a full coc. This makes registration much simpler unless ANTS choose to be silly over the wording!

Oh that does sound hopeful, Mark. cheers

EDIT: I’ve just phoned and found out it is a 2018 … so I’ve told them to make sure that the CoC is with the paperwork !!!

Great! It’s not going to need a DREAL/Veritas certificate unless the ANTS operative you get kicks up about it being “permanently registered in member states with left hand traffic”!

I’ve friends who have just bought one new in the UK. It’s a standard VW product. Comes in three levels of trim I believe.

I’ll let you all know how this goes…