Walking great fun with a free French app

Has anyone else tried it?
it’s called terra Aventura

It’s free
it’s absolutely brilliant. I can’t recommend it enough.

Its so welcome to have a new hobby and one that you can do safely which is totally entertaining and keeps you fit at the same time. I can’t believe it.

It’s an application for going on quiz walks in nouvelle Aquitaine

If you hate smartphones you could just log onto the website and print off the instructions
Or go for a walk with someone who knows how to use a smartphone

There are getting on for 450 different walks all over the region.
We’ve been on two of them near to us so far and they’re really good fun

The the walks take you to some really interesting places most of them are beautiful.
Each walk has a series of questions based on history or local folklore architecture, artworks, landmarks or landscapes.

you can choose walks that are easy and short or difficult and long and quizzes that are easy or hard to guess.

At the end of each guided walk/quiz is there’s a prize which is is the collection of QR code which has been installed in the landscape in the form of a plaque.

You can take it as seriously or light-hearted as you want and be involved or less involved it’s just for everybody.
There are various levels in badges to win and collections to be made. They run regular competitions for people to design new walks and badges and local artists are used to create the hidden treasures.

today we did one in Angles-sur-l’Anglin and a couple of days ago we did one in Morthemer which is a village near to where we live in 86 Vienne.

it’s available in English as well but we’re finding the French is a great way to learn French, explore the region and get our well missed exercise at the same time




That looks really interesting - thanks for posting it!

Very clever. In Perth (and maybe all of Oz) all the shops, restaurants and bars have QR codes you flash on entering. That was how they knew immediately where the person who tested positive had been.

Looks like a fun idea to get people walking and actually looking at what they see. And perhaps using phones and stuff will appeal to those who don’t do it the old-fashioned way.

As long as they don’t develop into talking lampposts…many urban areas have QR codes all over the place which you can scan for tourist/historical info either on your phone or triggering some action. Which are also great. But walkimg down one street something had obviously gone a little wrong and a lamppost started talking to me…

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One day when we can get across the border, here’s a link to a musical app for walking round Geneva