Walking in The Luberon foothills

A chap went on a walking holiday in the Luberon mountains. and he got separated from his tour guide and ended up in a remote place exhausted.He looked up and saw this Church.He knocked on the door and a Priest opened it, welcomed him in and nursed him back to health.The Priest pointed him in the direction of the nearest village.Outside the chap spotted a horse, so he asked the Priest if he could borrow it and leave it at the nearest village, for him to collect.The Priest agreed but said the horse was only funny.He would only move off, if you say 'THANK GOD' and would only stop, if you say 'AMEN'.The chap mounted the horse, thanked the Priest and said 'THANK GOD',at which the horse moved off.
Feeling more confident he shouted 'THANK GOD, THANK GOD'and the horse galloped faster.The chap realised that they were heading for a sheer drop ahead in the Gorge Du Verdon and shouted 'AMEN AMEN' at which the horse pulled up.The chap mopped his brow and said 'THANK GOD FOR THAT'