Wallet for Crit'Air sticker

Hi All,
Thanks to reading the post about Crit’Air and travelling south via Rouen I realised I needed this before a trip in Ocober, so I’ve managed to order my sticker. Now I understand I may need to remove it before the MOT in case an overzealous windscreen measurer unsticks it next time…
Can anyone recommend a plastic stick-on pocket that’s the right size so I can order it asap?
Love Survive France, someone always knows the answer! Thanks in advance x

I use these:

If I lived in UK I’d go and chat with my MOT chappie… explain/show him what is required in France… and follow his advice.

Until the other thread, I’d never heard of someone having such a problem…

I reckon that if the C/Air is correctly placed, the MOT man won’t have a problem… :crossed_fingers:


Hi Anne,
To be legal, the Crit’air pass needs to be physically stuck to your windscreen. The pass is made from a material which can not be unstuck without destroying it.

Nearly all cars will have a location on the windscreen where the vignette can be stuck without risking failure of a CT or UK MOT. This link should help.


In a previous existence the UK MOT never seemed to mind the Swiss motorway stickers clogging up the windscreen…but I guess top centre things don’t matter so much.

Thanks Nigel, will check them out.

Thanks Stella, I will attempt to explain… should be possible!

Thanks everyone, I’ve ordered a wallet - if the gendarmes don’t like it I can easily remove it!

Thanks Nigel, have found similar on the UK site.

I’m sorry if this comes across as negative but if the traffic police don’t like it they can easily remove your car! Honestly, it’s very easy to apply the sticker correctly in a way that UK MOT and the French authorities will be happy with.


Not negative, just a bit scary! In which case, I’m sure my mechanic and I can reach a solution re sticker placement :astonished:

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I’m certain you can - just remember that it’s a sticker and not a bit-of-paper-in-a-plastic-wallet :wink:

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Strange that a tax disc wasn’t a windscreen visibility issue but the smaller crit’air sticker is :thinking:

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And what about all those flags draped across half the screen in so many lorries yesteryear, and maybe nowayear for all I know? Most lorry drivers, at least online, deplore and mock the practice and the owners always removed them before testing time. They knew they weren’t legal, but I never heard of a policeman objecting.

:+1: for sure!

IIRC, UK tax discs used to be placed on the left hand (top) side of the windscreen, out of the eay of the wipers and a long way from the driver’s normal field of view.

The issue I faced with my MOT bloke was not the fact that I had a sticker on my windscreen, but that I had placed it in the extreme lower right hand corner where the French rules required it, but which meant that it was within the “swept area” of my RHD VW Passat’s windscreen wipers, which went pretty much right into the corner.

I now have a Honda Accord Tourer which I think has a little more non-swept area in the bottom right hand corner for my Crit’Air sticker to go without causing a problem.

But I will also be having a word with the garage before they do my next MOT to make sure they understand the requirements!

The RAC diagram I posted in the other thread suggests that it ought to be possible to find a spot at lower right on most car windscreens for the sticker to live in that doesn’t contravene UK MOT rules.

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I used to have the tax disc on the lower left of my windscreen (to accommodate short policemen), never a problem. :slightly_smiling_face:

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That was state sponsoring interference so absolutely fine :joy:

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Lower left side was the normal position.

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Not applicable to Nottingham back in the day where the minimum height for entry to the force was over 6 feet, supposedly the highest limit in the world with the exception of Tierra del Fuego. :rofl: