Does anyone have a trick for getting wallpaper to stick to walls which have concrete render on them, other than plastering first or using super glue.......?????? I moved in with OH 3 years ago, the walls were still grey concrete! Within the first few months I painted them, now we are papering in places but I would so like it to stay on the wall!!!!!!It is begining to look like when "father papered the palour"!!!!

Hey thanks guys! I tried sizing the wall with the wallpaper paste and then really soaking the paper, it isnt vinyl, and it has worked, it is taking a bit longer but it is looking great! Thanks for the tips! It is wonderful to have all this expertise to tap into!

The wall paper glue is water soluble, the paper is most probably permeable so unless you are contemplating using Vinyl coated paper the wall should still be able to breath

I would be reluctant to seal it as you may end up trapping moisture in there which will promote the growth of mould. This depends a lot on the condition and fabrication of the wall. If it's an old stone wall I would render it with lime and sand (breathable render), not as hard as you might think. I have a video of doing it somewhere if you're interested?

I suppose you could try sealing the render with a PVA adhesive such as UNIBOND or it's French equivalent. The render sucks up your wallpaper adhesive and prevents you sliding the paper as you need to. If this were to work then a heavy lining paper would help even out the surface before your finish paper. Frankly it seems a lot of work to no great effect

I had the same memory of my dad sizing the wall......so I tried it.....it worked!! Thanks so much Roger, I want to get this done tomorrow as my kids are coming to stay for the first time since I moved here and i would like the house to be as good as I can get it. Thank you.

The trouble with walls of any description is that they are thirsty, especially if they haven't been covered before!

Being a dad, sorry great granddad I can remember my great uncle using animal size(diluted glue) on the walls before trimming the paper from its selvage, nowadays you need to seal the wall with a coat of diluted paste a day before you start papering in earnest.