Want to send Ameli a message - How?

Help please. Going slightly crazy here - OH has received a message from Ameli in his messagerie telling him that a Feuille de soins has not been signed by his dentist. We have now got the paperwork signed but can see no way to send it back to them via the site. There is a small box that says “messages envoyées” which is where historic emails sit and is empty. Nowhere can I see a box where I can create a new message and upload the signed paperwork scanned. Is that not possible? I thought it was / used to be?

Is this any use?


Thanks Vero, but no - already been round this one. All I get offered is their chatbot which just keeps telling me it cannot answer my question, with no alternative offered. So far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing intelligent (or useful, or helpful) about AI at the moment!

Do it the old-fashioned way - put it in the post


That’s what we have for the last couple of times we had to reclaim using a paper feuille de soins!

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@Mark @Alan_Dargie That’s what I’m now concluding. Frustrating, that they are messaging me and seemingly I can’t just reply to their message.

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I’d just phone CPAM and ask them. With delays and also risk of documents getting lost even when sent ADR signed for, I’d want to be absolutely sure there was no way of sending it online before I put it in the post.

Can you reopen or add it to the original claim, or make a new claim and put a note it references back to the claim already made? They should then pay the new one and close the earlier one unpaid… if there’s any sense…though I appreciate that’s an English kind of professional expectation…

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You used to to be able to reply and attach pdfs to messages but that went a year or so back. There is way to send a new message, with an attachment I think, which I can try to find if you want. I recall it required many many clicks…

Or as others have said just said by post LRAr or suivi.

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Ok, it’s tortuous!

Go to your account, and go to demarches. Click on blue box j’ai un question. You get the stupid bot, so have to keep saying you want to send a message. If you piss it off enough you get to a place where it allows you to access un espace d’exchanges!!

These screen shots are in the wrong order, sorry. But the attach a pdf option seems to have vanished,


Bless you Jane, I really wasn’t expecting you to go to the trouble - but I am very grateful. Will aim to make sense of it in the morning.

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A useful diversion. A friend of ours has gone into hospital, is now in a coma and is not expected to return. So we are just waiting for news which is unlikely to be good.

Oh Jane, so sorry to hear that. Tough for those who are waiting.


I received this - I haven’t replied yet so I don’t know if it might work. If you try, do please let us know how you get on :slight_smile:

Bon chance!

Je vous invite à nous retourner le document accompagné du présent courrier, par voie postale ou à l’aide du lien ci-dessous :


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Yes, not comfortable. Been here too many time before (as no doubt have many of us).

But musing on the the whole nature of friendship. Jean-Marc and his wife Marie -Paule are the two people we have probably spent the most actual time with over last 8, maybe 10 years. We got to know M-P after she had a stroke and had to give up work, and we fell into walking the dogs together. J-M didn’t like her being alone in the forest so we stood in for him. So for years now we have spent 2 - 3 hours together 3 or 4 times a week. He took his retirement last year so we carried on walking, and got to know him better too.

All sweet and fluffy, except that they are at the opposite end of the political spectrum. Ex-gendarme, solid right wing, racist, hunter, sprays his roses, all things that we abhor. But they are (were) the warmest, most generous and welcoming people you could find. And little by little we have found a way to discuss our differences, and get to know each other outside all the difficult areas, and their families and generally have nice times. They both actually had pretty difficult lives, very much at odds with what they express politically.

M-P was diagnosed with cancer 3 years ago, and died two months ago. J-M was diagnosed about a year ago. So their last year together was dominated by disease. He and the blended families scattered her ashes the weekend before last. They were so close that this was devastating for him, so looks like it was the last thing he was hanging on for.

So we miss her a lot, and are preparing ourselves to miss him to. But so oddly as yes they are close friends on many definitions, but also not friends on so many others. Very strange.

Can one be a friend across such a political divide?


Yes I believe one can. But I wonder if it makes it easier that we are from different countries? It perhaps makes it easier to accept differences because we make fewer assumptions about what they “ought” to be likes, how they “ought” to think. We start from first base, learn about each other, find the kindnesses and generosity “despite” the differences in our political and cultural views. Our immediate farming neighbour is the kindest of men, I hate the fact that he hurls chemicals at his land. That doesn’t stop me liking him immensely.

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I think you have a good point there. And are right that we have to take each person as they come, and vice-versa. Easier for us as not surrounded by family and friends, and shows their generosity of spirit to be the same.

But a very good starting point for some form of friendship to be open to unknown people.

We walked (tottered) with M-P up to a few days before she died suddenly of septicaemia. With J-M we did 6km just a few days ago, but it seems that equally suddenly his single kidney has failed. Perhaps best for them, but brutal for everyone else for this to happen so suddenly twice in succession.


Oh Larkswood, I got really excited with this one - found the equivalent for Lot-et-Garonne, thanks very much. Then saw this, in red.

Attention : Les feuilles de soins ne sont pas éligibles à ce service et ne seront donc pas traitées.


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Thanks Jane for your screenshots but they’ve made me realise that the Lot-et-Garonne bot is not working. I cannot get it to respond at all to anything - including the messages you show on your screen. Right from the word go, all I’m getting is “Je suis désolé mais je n’ai pas de réponse à votre question” even to the first line “j’ai une question”.

So snail mail it’s going to have to be.

The Ameli bot is absolutely the worst bot. And supercilious to boot. You haven’t got translation on have you as it doesn’t like that!

I didn’t know there was a translation - basically it flatly refuses to speak to me!