Wanted - 3-month+ rent / house-sit - July to Sept '16

My partner and I are looking for a 3-month+ rent / house-sit as a base for house hunting.

We're fed-up of travelling back and forth to look at unsuitable properties, so have decided to commit the next three months to be in the country and work our search from there.

Looking in Poitou-Charante, Aquitaine and Midi-Pyrenees.

Yes, we are aware it's high season - it's just how work is...

Thanks in advance!

I know I'm not in the areas you mention, but we need to sell quickly and you won't find a house like this for this amount: www.roberthroberts.com . It may not suit your needs, but thought you might like to look. We will be over at the house from later this month to mid September if you want to visit. Good luck with your hunting!

Kind regards,


What kind of property are you after Martin ?