Wanted: 9 seater Ford Transit or similar french registered

Hi I am going to the UK for a family visit and the purchase of the 9 seater minibus I was purchasing has fallen through so I am urgently seeking a vehicle for my trip tomorrow. Can anyone help??

I think our Super U hire them, perhaps one near you. Not sure about taking it to the UK, good luck hope you find something.

Do you know if super U hire out buses which take 14 passengers?

No, just seen minibus there.

SuperU advertise 9 seater minibus to hire.

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Just interest, can one drive a 14 seater on just a basic licence? I used to drive our Rotary Club bus, but I think it was a 12 seater, quite a while ago, blimey!!! 22 yrs ago where has it gone :slightly_smiling_face:

No not sure I am not the driver but I need to find such a bus to transport people around next April.

Hi Barbara… you might be better off contacting local coach-hire companies… the ones around here do a selection of sizes… just a thought…:relaxed:

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yes I have…it is the best bet.
I have one 14km away…
it is best that I have a driver too…so that is what they do.

Barbara the biggest you can drive with a normal licence is a 9 seater ( so driver plus 8 passengers). For a 14 seater you’d need to pass a special test.

I used to drive my children and their friends around in my 9 seater :blush:.

Yes but the driver and the car will be liscened to take more than 9 .One of the companies who offer this service is in St Foy La Grande…