Wanted - Armagnac enthusiasts living and drinking in SW France

(Mark Wilkins) #1

Welcome to Armagnothèque, our aim is to bring together English-speaking Armagnac drinkers in celebration of France’s oldest brandy; to learn, to taste, to savour.

Regular tastings, lunches and events to follow.

Launching soon at www.armagnotheque.com

Please register your interest now on the Armagnoth
èque Facebook Group.

(Catherine Wales) #2

Thank you Mark, I love a drop of Armagnac and love to cook with it too. I will make it clear to any of my guests that wish to join in any of your events that they will be held in english. Is it okay with you if I include your events in my website?

(Mark Wilkins) #3

Hello Catherine - good to meet you, please join us if you like a drop of Armagnac! Yes the French and all nations are welcome but this is an English-speaking group :slight_smile:

(Catherine Wales) #4

That sounds a great idea. We often get visitors staying at our Chambres d’hotes looking for local domaines for regional wines and armagnac. I have usually sent them to Nogaro but would send them in your direction if the timing is right. We will shortly be offering wine & golf packages for groups and would be happy to look at including you in our promotions if you are interested. Will this just be in english or could it include the french too? http://www.haute-pyrenees-holidays.com