Wanted Car LHD or RHD French reg

We are looking for a car, not too expensive can be RHD or LHD but french reg. Petrol or diesel.
Do you have something you want to sell.

We are based in SW France Nr Carcassonne

Thanks in advance

Andrew & Lisa

Hello Andrew & Lisa

Have you tried Leboncoin? It’s a great source for used cars. Here’s a link to cars in your area.

Happy hunting.


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Thanks Mandy

That is usually my first port of call but sometimes people want to get rid of a RHd etc without the hassle of Leboncoin…also French S/H cars are soooo expensive

Ha ha… don’t start that one up again… please… I think the back and forth went on for months… the benefits of RHD over LHD… :grin::rofl::laughing::joy:

Second-hand cars in France cost… just what they cost is up to the Seller…:wink: and the Buyer of course… :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Le bon coin is, in fact, quite easy to use… have you had a bad experience ?

Has anyone used Elite Auto for a new car? Seems they bulk buy cars and pass on the reduction, and deliver to a local agent. I have a quote, about 2,500 less than list price. Went to a local dealer and he wouldn’t budge on the price but Elite Autos offer the same brand new car, for less. But need some reassurance they’re not going to do a disappearing act with my money …

No not a bad experience

Mostly bought cars from FB groups etc as the price of RHD cars are always low especially if they are UK reg.

Bought my Ford transit jumbo 2010 125 350 for just €800 as basically on the french market it is of little value or scrap.

To get a UK car to here costs about €1500 on top of the UK price plus Carte Gris if you can get one these days!!

It seems unless you have €5k plus to spend the second hand cars are crap and been to the moon and back.

Just asked the question as we need a cheap car and maybe someone had something to sell.
We are not all retired and loaded. :grin: so cannot afford a new or nearly new car.

Andrew… not sure where you got this figure from… when we bought a car in UK… OH flew over (very cheap flight) my brother collected him and took him to the Car Showroom… Purchase completed, OH then drove the car back to France (via tunnel). We do not have money to throw about, so sourced a car and planned its purchase very carefully.

Main point being that it should not cost £1,500 to bring a car to France.

Fuel and tolls UK - SW France €200ish
Tunnel €110 Just quoted on the site
Head lights €400
CT €70
Carte Gris €42 per FCV + €320 plus €45 first time registration in France
Plus time!!

And at the end of that the RHD car has very little value at all on a French market.

Done this many times before

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:grin::grin::grin: after doing this many times before… you should be able to get everything just how you want it… :thinking:

We chose to go for a car with adjustable lights… thus good for both sides of the channel… and the Tunnel and Ryan Air were on special rates. So we were on a winner.

You are obviously not so flexible, with the confines of your work… but I still reckon it is worth considering… if everything falls into place. :wink:

Other than that… Le Bon Coin… or your local garages, who may well have a RHD that they have taken in part exchange…

You will still have to pay for the Carte Grise in your name… and the garage can do it for you…

How much is ‘not too expensive’ before I offer you ours.

Andrew, couldnt be bothered, and, end up with a car with the wheel on the wrong side, mad!!!
That no French person will buy, 'cept, maybe, for peanuts.

Mine was a serious question, PM me if you’d prefer, we’re fairly local.

Bought our second car for €2k Andrew, French 4dr diesel Saxo with 70k kilometers, good wee shopping chariot :slightly_smiling_face:

Fiat UNO 60D 1.7 non turbo, no power steering, no electric windows, 486,000kms french reg 1994 two door. and a towing bracket.
needs lower ball joint, and a CT, and a polish.