Wanted: Man with van

Hi All
Does anyone know anyone who drives a van from UK (I’m in Cambridgeshire) to near Montmoreau (post code 16250) that may have a bit of room for a few bits of furniture?

Hi Jacqui and Welcome to the Forum…

Let’s hope someone who can help… chimes in soon.


I realize you want to add some pieces of furniture to an existing move, to save money of course.

In case that doesn’t pan out, I thought I’d mention this company that others have recommended on SF: http://removalstofrance.co.uk/

I wonder if they might be doing a move near where you are, and could add pieces in… Or, if they aren’t available then maybe they could recommend.

Just an off-the-top-of-my-head thought. Good luck.

Hi There
I’ve tried 4 different removal companies and various others but they won’t even quote as my ‘load’ is too small…
Thank you though

Have found this and they do small loads…

Maybe also have a look in some of the local papers .

Hi Jacqui,
I don’t know if this guy works in the Cambridge area, but he might be worth contacting.

tel: 0044 7841 220 980
Email: jayseabea@hotmail.com

Thank you, I’ve sent him an email.
Much appreciated.

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Thank for the replies guys, I’ve now got someone and he’s picking up tomorrow.