Wanted propshaft for Ford transit

(Claudia Robinson ) #1

Hi everyone and happy new year, we have got a problem to get hold of a propshaft for 2.4 long wheel base Ford Transit TDI year 2006. If anyone has got one or know how to get one, because we need it urgent for MOT.

(Martin Gray) #2

Claudia, I assume that the universal joints have failed? Are they not replaceable separately?
Once the shaft is out it does not take long to do, most garages should be able to do this.

(Claudia Robinson ) #3

Hi, Thank you for your reply, but the garage can’t get the propshaft split, that’s why we need a whole propshaft.

(Martin Gray) #4

Really? I kniw Ford started to go for sealed units on wheel bearing carriers :confused:. Often they can be done by the right person, though.
I had a quick peek on Google “Ford Transit 2006 propshaft”, one on eBay, next day delivery available on a new one at €725.
Where are you? Is a Control Technique (France), or an MOT (UK) that the van failed on?

(Claudia Robinson ) #5

We live in the northern Charente and the van failed on CT. But thank you for your help.