Warning - CAF scam

Be Aware! If you are someone who is registered with CAF, watch out for a scam email like the one I received yesterday from "Votre Caf: webmaster@edf-hamza.it via webxc36s04.ad.aruba.it"

The email address was clearly a scammer. The subject: "Au sujet de votre remboursement" However I'm not registered with them so certainly not due a reimbursement. And the text was:

Madame, Monsieur,

Après les derniers calculs annuels de l'exercice de votre activité,

nous avons déterminé que vous êtes admissible a recevoir un remboursement de notre part d'un montant de 217,50 €

Prière de soumettre votre demande de remboursement et nous permettre de 2 jours ouvrables pour le traitement de votre situation,

Pour accéder au formulaire de votre Compte , (veuillez cliquer ici - but I've removed the link just in case...)

A bientôt sur Caf.fr

Votre caisse d'allocation familiales

Beware of those bringing false gifts, if its "to good to be true" then it's generally just that "to good to be true"

There you go then - they've collared your address! Oops this is going to upset Helen?

You're lucky- I get several emails a week offering me chair lifts, conversion of the bath into a walk in shower for the incapacitated and sundry invitations aimed at "senior" citizens. I'm eagerly awaiting offers of anti snoring contraptions, adjustable rubber straps to rein in loose bits of the anatomy, mobility vehicles and commodious diapers for the distressed gentleman. Laying down wine for consumption in ten years also has also lost its appeal. If I got an offer from a blonde home carer called Olga I might be more interested, that is if I could remember receiving the email.....

Captain Horatio Hesperus RN Retd.

Chateau du Lally

Rue Epuise

Lieu Dit Sauter la Cervelle

Notalot entre les Oreilles


To stay off the point; there is nothing odd about you Norman. You are, well you are Norman!

As for scams. The CAF one has long come and been dispensed with here but I get at least 60 and sometimes well over 100 items I consign to spam on one account daily. Today I was offered at least six degree courses (have done that long ago and wear the Dr title to show it), more women than you might believe, I guess up to 30 offering loans, money for nothing and so on, criminal records checks showing up my past (in the USA at that), another that appeared four times promising to clear my many outstanding debts (USA again - must have forgotten to tip a waiter?) and who knows what else. It is simply an industry that must be finding mugginses and making money from them.

Ian, I don't think it is a subject that requires a lot of discussion do you? Beware and Be Careful just about sums it up?

The rest is Dinner Party banter - I would hate to see it disappear in deadly serious/boring discussion wouldn't you? Or am I the odd man out (again)?

You know what, you might be right ;-)

Seems to me people have got way off the point here.

Helen, for some of us a sense of humour is a very important part of 'life'!

Seriously, people....get a life!

In these days of political correctness, I expect there is a law against making derogatory remarks about Russian women. Putin probably has a special cellar beneath the Kremlin......

I think you're very cynical - I'm flattered that lovely Natasha/Tamara/Ludmila from Russia thinks I'll make her a good husband, having picked me from a cast of millions (though I do worry about her ability to differentiate male & female first names)

I met a beauty in Miami once- next thing I knew I was found naked in a dumpster apparently the victim of a Mickey Finn. I didn't know where I was, and was minus my wallet and its contents. It took some dexterity to get out of that one, and persuading the Dade County gendarmerie took my finest negotiational skills to the limit. A man who helped me at my hotel that morning had the unfortunate experience of being murdered just there three days later. I think you were luckier, although I am convinced that I had a near brush with death that day. Russians are tricky though, but, as they say, that is another story.

Ever heard the expression 'been there - done that'?

The most stunning female I ever saw (not met) was in a foreign currency store in Moscow. I was reaching down for a bottle of something or other when I was conscious of the longest legs I have ever seen - beautifully encased in boots. As my case wandered upwards it dawned on me that she was at least seven feet tall! I am a shade over 6 feet in old money and she was at least a foot taller than me!

She was amazingly beautiful as well. Astonishing - a girl you never ever forget.

No, not me, I am still running from her friend Ludmila the heavyweight mud wrestler ;-)

So you know Tamara.......
My worst fears are confirmed - I always suspected she was cheating on me.

Then there is the type implying my virility will be improved with X. Oh please! If I got any of what they say they are offering, my cardiologist and various other medics would be fastening me to a special bed with restraining belts.

Mike, as for the beautiful foreign girls who are desperate to get to know you, when the 200 kilo Russian truck driver turns up and says 'I am your beautiful Tamara', then let's hope you have had some of the other things on offer that improve your ability to run!

And what about all those beautiful foreign girls who are so desperate to make your acquaintance?

A case of "stretching the imagination"?.......I know the problem!

If it sounds to good to be true then it is to good to be true. It is a scam just delete it. If your bank sends you an email asking for IDs because "theres something good for you " again dump it.