Warning may be another scam

I received an e-mail about becoming a secret shopper for Perfect Choice and it requested I forward all of my personal info; ie. name, address and phone numbers. Although it did not ask me to send money, I did not reply because I noticed the e-mail was from a John Matthew with a reply e-mail address as follows "info@crowshootingsupply.com". This made me very weary, so I did a search for crow shooting supply and found that they sell ammunition and fire arms. I cannot see how the two would connect. Please let me know if you find out if Perfect Choice is really legit. I have a feeling that this a scam. on further information i found out that it is also involved in money laundering and people have fallen foul of the banks

i am now concerned i should report this but to whom? i also wanted people to be aware i used too do a lot of mystery shopping in the UK so was very interested in this.

hi again

i just received another offer from this person also working for the above

Andrew Johnson
HEAD OF RECRUITMENT Perfect Choice Ltd Co. just put this in google and you will get the picture