Warning. Very bad language but (IMHO) a very accurate assessment of what has just happened


This one is just as damning… a more clear case of breaking the law that you can get… will Starmer press the PM for details on when Handjob will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law as outlined by Pretty Awful?

and this is equally heartbreaking… Trevor Phillips on Sunday interviewing Brandon Lewis who defends the indefensible.

'People couldn't come to my daughter's funeral' | News UK Video News | Sky News


Jonathan Pie certainly has the art of the on-screen rant perfected :slight_smile:


It easy to see Brandon Lewis has no concept of nor interest in the pain Trevor Phillips and his family must have gone through. Instead, he blithely witters on with the same old insincere platitudes. He needed his face slapped.

No wonder with an idiot like that at the NI office, there are “issues” with the NIP.

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